To strive or thrive in 2016?

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So the first week of 2016 has hit us. BAM!

As we all aim to hold onto these slippery-than-an-eel New Year's Resolutions that we made over Christmas, the question I ponder is this: This year, will I choose to strive or thrive?

The festive season gives us time for relaxation and reflection and whilst the most common resolutions made still include the usual hit list of lose weight/get fit; make more money; quit smoking/drinking/chewing your nails etc... (all things that require a considerable amount of doing) some people find themselves striving to do less and looking to thrive more.

Bored of the unobtainable same old, same old to-do lists (and aware of the unhappiness that doing too much can bring!) here are some alternate resolutions that may make you feel a whole lot better.

I will delight more in my family. Annoying is better than dead. I will try to enjoy my families' quirks and learn what I can from them while I am lucky enough to have them in my life.

I will give money less power. My worth is not a number found on my bank account statement. Whether in the green or in the red I will choose to use money rather than to serve money.

I will choose quick forgiveness. Resentment is not pretty and a hard heart makes for a sour face. Want to look better? Forgive better and spend more of your time dreaming up good plans rather than harboring bitterness.

I will say 'no' and mean it. Whether it's a bad job, bad friend or bad idea, I will listen my own heart and say 'no' politely right now. Hard in the moment, but the only way to build a beautiful life. Most times you need to say a big 'no' before your get to say a big 'yes!'

I will enjoy my sleep and not feel guilty about it. Make your rest hours count with great Sealy sleep. Putting in good sleep will mean that you get great returns throughout the day.

Here's to your 2016! May it be a year full of thriving!

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