Tooth fairy economics

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Childhood memories...

When I was young my mother and ma Zane told me that the tooth fairy was the best magical children's fairy person there was and I had no problem believing them because anyone willing to pay me money for my teeth was the best in my eyes. I vowed to continue the tooth fairy tradition when i had my own children.

I wanted my kids to have the same experiences I had during that glorious period of losing my 20 baby teeth. Whenever the tooth fairy came to visit my piggy bank had money, which was used to buy all that my little heart desired. On spent on my friends when the ice cream van drove past during our play dates.

The other day my youngest came home aghast because one of his classmates had lost two teeth in less than a month and the tooth fairy left him close to R300.00 in total. We both sat staring at each other with varying amounts of disbelief.

When I had my first child his friends/peers' parent, hubby and I agreed on a tooth fairy currency. An amount that would accommodate the grandparents' need to pitch in as well as be realistic. We arrived at R20 and from the time they were 6 to the time they were 12 these children believed that the tooth fairy paid that amount for all teeth.

With the economy being what it is hubby and I adjusted the currency and lowered it to R10 where it's been for the past five years. Sometimes because of fluctuations of the I'm away on a second honeymoon with the love of my life and your father kind ma Zane (acting tooth fairy) will take R5 from the bread money and pay you. I can't imagine the boy who got nearly R300 being satisfied let alone happy with that.

I know that with the state of the economy and employment being what it is these are are truly hard times for the tooth fairy. These are the tooth fairy economics

What's your tooth fairy currency? Did your parent or do you give your children something u=other than money?

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