Top 5 massage tools to get your hands on

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Tired of waiting for a massage? Or just too short on time or cash to book in for one?

Here are some great DIY massage tools that will help ease muscle tension wherever you are. Be it from too much time at your desk, too much time on your feet or too many reps at the gym, these massagers should do the trick.

1. The hand held massager

This clever tool massages the muscles around your spine beautifully. It also frees up the smaller joints of your hand which can often become painful when massaging.


2. The reflexology roller

These rotating wooden balls can be used on the feet, legs, back or arms. It gives a gentle gliding massage up and down the spine.



3. The Trigger Stick

A very nifty Proudly South African invention created by a Chiropractor, Dr Francois Botha, this stick gives you access to trigger points causing you pain and aches. A wonderful thing to keep at the office or use during meetings if you find yourself employed in a forward-thinking firm.



trigger stick

4. Massage balls

These balls are used in various postures to give deep pressure to release tension. They can be used statically or dynamically where the person rolls on top of the balls.

massage balls

5. The Heat & Cold Therapy Massager

Using vibration, hot and cold, this handheld massager claims to be a beast against aches and pains. Go here for more information.

hot cold massager

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