Travel Sleep Tips

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It's a given that every now and then people come up to me or email me to ask how I manage to balance my two loves: sleep and travel. Sometimes it comes up during conversation that I love travel and travel for both career and fun but also love sleeping well or vice versa. The follow up question to -- in one form or another -- always is: how do you make that work? If it were me I'd be constantly jet-lagged and in a daze or I'd sleep through each trip. Today I'm answering this question. These are some of my travel sleep essentials and they contribute immensely toward my making my love of travel and good sleep work.

1. Be organised! I'm a terrible slob in the other facets of my life but I plan travel like an OCD drill sergeant. I double-check bookings and commit my itinerary to my memory, I read up on my destination and keep the trip's objectives top of mind.

Being organised may sound tiring and tedious but I think that it's absolutely worth it! When I know that all my travel plans are on track and going seamlessly, I sleep better. Nothing like worrying about whether you'll make it on time for the ferry to your day trip to keep you awake at night.

2. Manage your jet lag! I've written quite  bit about minimising and managing jet lag in the past. It's the key to keeping your normal good sleep patterns. Keep hydrated to the plane and read my latest ant-jet-lag tips here.

3. When you book your hotel room try to:

a. Get a room that's far from the dinning hall, swimming pool and other high-traffic areas of the hotel.

b. Get a room that's away from the parking lots.

c. Get a room that get plenty of sunshine during the day and request extra blinds to darken the room during your sleep time. Getting sunshine/light is important for your bod clock but a dark room at night is just as important to help you sleep. Or buy a sleep mask in the hotel's gift shop

4. If you are a going to be hosting a friend or relative while they travel then be sure to have a read through my tips for creating a winning guest bedroom.

5. Relax. Whether travelling for business or pleasure, remember to leave any worries or excitement outside of the hotel room; clear your mind each night and relax.

It might even be worth it to check up on your hotel or guesthouse through their website to see what beds they have.

Happy Jetsetting!


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