She got the world’s attention, accidentally!

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This clip is awfully sweet.

It tells the tale of Sonia Singh a redundant scientist, who while working as a Stay At Home Mum (SAHM), discovered her talent as an artist upcycling Bratz dolls by giving them radical make-unders. Her handiwork has caught the attention of the globe.

It was not her intention to make a statement or go viral, but she has now done both. Here is her story.

Sonia is also happy to help others around the globe learn how to transform their dolls. Why not try your hand at it?

For more information visit the Tree Change Dolls website or go to their Etsy online store to purchase a doll. Warning! Do not get too attached as these dolls are sold out until 18 April.

Welcome back to work and here's to a great day.

The Sealy team

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