TV series that will keep you up

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I fear that as the World Cup has come to an end, we have all simply replaced the late night matches for late night TV. In the olden days, one had to wait for your weekly episode to be aired. The latest slot usually being at 9pm or 10pm. Watching a series marathon was unheard of.invention of TV copyNowadays, waiting is not well tolerated. Suddenly, we have 24 hour access. There is PVR, series box-sets and internet streaming that allows us to watch TV being broadcast anywhere on earth. Our need to know is no longer limited by MNet or SABC's programming. And so our sleep is once again threatened.

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To help protect you from getting caught up here is my blacklist. These series are so good, that they are bad. No, you will not be able to watch only one episode. Do not fool yourself. They are highly addictive. So do not do it. Turn it off NOW.... or even better don't start watching at all.... if you value your sleep that is.

 The Black List for 2014

1. Revenge

2. Game of thrones

3. Mad Men

4. Breaking Bad

5. The Good Wife

6. Hannibal

7. Orange is the new Black

8. True Detective

9. Girls

10. Broad City


Have I left any out? What's keeping you up these days?

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