Two Beds in Your Bedroom

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For most people the first time they encounter the possibility of a couple not sharing a bed -- or even a bedroom, is usually through watching a romantic comedy or some other type of Hollywood drama. It'll be written as the main source of conflict with the central couple sighing heavily before bed in one of the first scenes. The cause of them no longer sharing a bed or bedroom will be said to be because the spark in the relationship has fizzled. There's been a growth in such arrangements in relationships. A growth that isn't an indication of how well the relationship is going -- in fact, it strengthens the relationship in some cases. This is why we're sharing a few advantages that come with having separate beds.

Even though it's used as a marker of a troubled relationship in Hollywood movies one could see the benefits of such an arrangement. From being able to work in bed (a bad habit that shouldn't be happening) to being able to choose the bedding and number of blankets.

So should you try sleeping in separate beds? It's safe to say that if your opinions on the following differ then it may just be worth it for your relationship and sleeping health to investigate this option.

1. The mattress debate
You want your mattress softer than he wants his; you both actually wake up hurting each morning after sleeping on the choice of 'compromise" mattress. At this point it's likely that neither one of you will get a good night's sleep so you have to decided if the poor sleep and sore bodies the morning after are worth it.

2. The Sleep Pattern Factor

If either one of you works late, sleeps late or has a hard time falling asleep at night then maybe separate beds are the answer. This way you don't have to wake your partner when you eventually make it to bed or  keep them up with your tossing and turning.

3. The Human factor

Some sleep scientists suggest that people who share beds are disturbed at least 50  percent for the night. Be it as a result of your partner hogging the blankets, turning too much, snoring or fighting their pillow sleeping with another person will present its challenges.

There are always options and solutions to your sleeping problems if your current arrangements aren't working for you. Always try something new if what you know is not working for you.

Would you consider sleeping in a separate bed or bedroom from your partner? Please share in the comments section.

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