Upgrade the Status of Your Glass

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Glass is one of the easiest items to recycle. It also takes a considerably less time to that most waste to break down. I advocate recycling above everything but reusing is a big part of the three Rs. It also takes much less energy that the process of recycling. I think the hip and the young (er) also call it upcycling.

Where I grew up every other house had one of these. The garden bottle edge gives a bit of extra colour to your patch of green even in the months where most of your plants are mostly brown. The kaleidoscope created when the sun shines directs on the bottles is something extra to behold.  I think as a DYI project the children and I will collect a few beer and wine bottles from dumps (and unseparated bins) to make a tiny path that leads from the house to my tiny garden patch.

I'm very enthused by the idea that picture frames needn't only have four corners, or corners at all. The amount of pictures of family and friends at special events I have accumulated in my life so far deserve to be put in places as interesting as this jar fame. Perhaps I could organise a 5KG jar and within it stow pictures from and event. A revolving collage.

The key to pulling off reusing be it using old boots as pot plants or buying second hand clothes is confidence. That and belief in what you are doing, reminding yourself that it's for the better of the environment down the line. I can see myself hosting a stokvel meeting where mother's medicine is served in washed and peeled mayonnaise and jam jars.

There are many ways to upgrade the status of your glass and reuse is, so many infact that there are boards on Pinterest dedicated to the cause. My favourite is called DYI 101 + ways to upcycle glass jars. Visit in an maybe you'll find ideas that's catch your eye.

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