Valentine’s Day – where will you be sleeping?

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Yes, I know, you shouldn't need a special day to celebrate your love for each other, you should celebrate your love everyday, but let's be honest, loving gestures often fall off the to-do list after the initial passion has passed. And pass it must, for falling in love is a crazy chemical process intended to drive us toward a greater (and far more emotionally stable) commitment, that results in fun, functional relationships in which we thrive long-term. Agreed.

BUT..... remembering that initial time of falling into each others' arms and rekindling the flame is essential.

AND....  if you need a deadline called Valentine's to do just that, then thank goodness for the 14th of February!

If you haven't booked a getaway or made a reservation at his/her favourite restaurant it may be too late. But fear not, there are many options. Whether you keep the romance in your bedroom or venture outdoors, here are a few ideas.

Hoping to light that first flame or rekindle the spark with your life long companion? You can't go wrong with fairy lights, candles and flowers.

fairy light bedroom copyflower petals copy

Venturing outdoors? Remember to pack loads of comfy cushions, bug spray and wind-proof lighting (Consol glass solar lights are great for this).

Vday picnic copy

v day swim copy outdoor dinner copy

Now wherever you are just add a sprinkle of surprise and you are sure to have a fabulous Valentine's Celebration. Let us know how your day goes and who you choose to shower with love. It may mean spoiling your sister, taking your kids out for a picnic, or watching the sunset with your dog. Whatever you choose to do, I hope you have a great Valentine's Day.

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