Moving from being a victim to a change-maker in your life

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We all know them… some are found in our families, others in our friendship circles. They are the folk who seem to keep repeating the same lesson… the ones that are on their third divorce, moving back in with their parents (again); unable to keep a job; and unhappy with the way things are working out.

Life is difficult and definitely not fair. Real tragedy will strike some more than others: Death, loss, illness, unemployment, fires, earthquakes, stock market crashes. These things do happen and may have already happened in your life, but isn’t it amazing how some choose to move beyond the set of dismal circumstances, whilst others seem destined to dwell in bitterness. ‘Oh, what could have been!’

Everybody fights battles, whether seen or unseen, however, it is how they approach this battle that determines whether they are classified as a victim or a change-maker.

A victim tends to compare and lament and tell their woeful story over and over again to anyone who will listen; a change-maker learns from their story and pushes on towards creating a new chapter. A victim just can’t believe that this happened to them, as if they are exempt from life’s downs. A victim blames everyone else and can be heard declaring: ‘I am so unlucky. I don’t know what I did wrong’.

An agent of change is a realistic optimist. They choose to be resilient by reflecting and taking responsibility for what went wrong. They say: ‘What’s done is done. I acknowledge my part, I take forward what I have learned and choose to do it differently next time. They are able to see the difference between the unfavorable circumstances they find themselves in and their unfavorable actions.

Our country is looking for change-makers who can press on despite unfavorable circumstances. Courageous folk willing to change their minds so they can change their lives. So let’s stop the whining and complaining and step up. There’s plenty to be done.

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