Walking in The Cold: Winter Shoes And Boots

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Amen, sister!

Not so long ago I wrote a post on my autumn/winter office essentials. When I wrote that post I had an heir of "well, the cold months are still far off." The sun can do that to you -- give you the feeling that summer and sunshine will last forever. No sooner had I settled into this way of thinking did I realise that the season for warmer shoes was here and it brought a menacing little thing called vengeance.

With the cold front that has been making its way all over the country I have been sure to snuggle up in my Sealy bed at every opportunity. I have also been searching for more winter shoe options. Both form and function are placed quite high on my list of priorities when buying shoes... for the most part.

A lot can be said in favour of layering during the colder months -- we corporate gals are also not immune to the trend. I more suitable hemline and colours and I can see myself in this look. Especially the boots.

For the most part, I try to live a life that's free of envy but does this woman not look like she hers her whole life of track? It's as incredible as those ankle boots she's wearing.

I had to throw in something cute that I could see myself doing... They both look like they've just come from the office and her look has given me an idea for wearing my knee-highs without trousers.

A pop of colour! Though her look is a bit on the young and trendy side (she's wearing leather tights) her boots are quite gorgeous and could brighten many a work ensemble and keep my feet warm.

Which winter shoes and bootswere your favourite?

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