Walking to wellness

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It's always good to have options... and exercise is no exception. Exercise is a sure way to finding better sleep, and the Sealy team are all about bringing you the Best.Sleep.Ever.

In the past few weeks we have given you fabulous and FREE pilates, yoga and dance workouts to get you moving at home.

If these haven't stirred you into action, then perhaps we can offer the most simple form of exercise of all.... walking.

It's well known in wellness circles that all you need is 10 000 steps every day to meet your exercise needs.

10 000?!

That sounds like a lot and it is a lot, especially if you're trying to keep track.

In the past, pedometers were punted as the easiest way of monitoring your steps but with the advent of Smart phones there are numerous apps available to track your steps.

I recommend you download the Argus App here.

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This app works just like a pedometer does, but it can also track your running and cycling times and distances as well as your calories (if you wish to be so cruel to yourself).

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