We are all human

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Whilst preparing to write this blog, I had a look back at the Human Right's Day post from 2015 and my heart sank. It felt like nothing had changed since that post. That in one year, we may feel as a society even farther from attaining the ideals of our beautiful Constitution. In the post entitled The Right to Be Human on the Sealy blog, there is a paragraph that states:

As our country continues to bleed and wail as we face giants such as racism, domestic violence, illiteracy and unemployment, police brutality and corruption I am glad we have a day ‘off’ to remember that long ago a small crowd stood up for what they believed to be right and they changed history.... This Human Rights Day why don’t we refresh our commitment to continue fighting our own misconceptions and biases and continue to make small (seemingly insignificant) stands for what is right. Let’s stand up for the vulnerable we stumble across each day  – rather than condemning them. Let’s continue to engage in public debate – rather than private slander. Let’s serve our communities – rather than only our own interests.

Listening to the debates raging about privilege and skin colour and reading editorials about the unequal media attention that is assigned to teenage girls who are raped and murdered dependent on their area code makes me want to cry.

Are we seriously weighing up 'privilege' and defining 'education' based on where you went to school? Are we overlooking that two precious girls were raped and murdered to focus on 'race' and 'address'? Are we assigning women the responsibility of not walking alone in their communities as this 'reckless' behaviour will make them partly to blame?

What I hear when I listen is fear. Fear that is motivating human beings to create and use labels that makes them 'other'. I hear people classifying someone as something they are not to escape a harrowing reality. For these labels such as 'educated'; 'privileged', 'black' and 'white' serve to divide us and create all the 'isms' that hold so many captive- phenomenons such as racism, sexism, classism...

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