We Tango-ed With Tangerine And I Liked it!

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Early in December of 2011 the people over at Pantone Announced that the colour of the year -- according to their forecasts -- for 2012 would be Tangerine Tango. Orange's cooler and richer sister. That the warm tone born of the simple marriage between red and orange  represents hope and all things good. Good, I had to agree!

In Street Style

The shade was very prominent in fashion, to be found in street style and high-end fashion expression. This young woman seems like quite the fearless trendster, doing a popular colour (tangerine) and the colour-blocking trend all in one outfit. 2012's tangerine tango and 2011's honeysuckle pink. I love it!

On Brands

Even designer running shoes were on trend!

In Decor

Even beds and bedrooms got to dress up in the trend. I like how it was used as an accent in this particular space. I wish my bedroom/space was this trend-forward when I was younger.

On The Famous

It was a beautifully bright year and I look forward to seeing how emerald green 2013 measures up

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