Weird Celebrity Beauty Tricks

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The world of showbiz and celebrity is (in) famous for its over-spending on seemingly unnecessary things, as depicted on the VH1 series "The Fabulous Life Of" as well as their many reality shows. For instance, after her twins were born, JLo/Jenny from the block bought 600-count Egyptian cotton sheets and then spent 600 000 (USD) on security. Celebrities are also known for doing strange things (think Michael Jackson's oxygen thingy) to stay looking young and beautiful.

1.  All That Glitters:

Lady Gaga is known for her elaborate dance moves, shocking outfits and more glitter than a show in Vegas. It was reported in 2009 that one of her makeup artists had to used sellotape in order to remove some glitter from her face. Ouch!

2.  Just Manicured

In other to keep her hands looking and feeling soft, as well as keep her cuticles in check, Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts is said to soak her hands in olive oil every now and then. Well the Notting Hill star might not be so off track as the properties of olive oil (such as vitamin E) is good for both hair and skin.

3. The Song Bird

Posh Spice has done a lot for herself since her Spice Girls days. She didn't just marry well, she turned her personal brand around and created a whole new Beckham brand. The former singer is fond of traditional Geisha facials. I hear you audibly mumbling "but what's wrong with a traditional facial?" Not much, except they put bird droppings in it, nightingale poo to be specific.

4. Running Smoothly

I recently watched The Dark Knight Rises and Anne Hathaway's performance proved that, though I love Halle Berry, she was awful as Cat Woman. Miss Berry is said to use ground coffee on her cellulite. She infuses the beans with her body wash and scrubs all her problem areas with it in the bath.

5. A Girl Like me

Look, I've also done this. Sure to some it might come across as strange but there have been times where, much like Jennifer Love Hewitt, I've put a bit of toothpste on my face. She does it to dry out pimples and reduce blemishes, I do it for the same reasons. I can't walk around for days waiting for a giant pimple on the bridge of my nose to decide whether it's going to fade or become a boil.

Do you have any strange beauty secrets? Please share on the comments sections.

Cheers to the weekend!


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