Welcome back… It’s 2015!

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Many folk chose to get away from it all this festive season. Some didn't only choose to take a break from their physical reality, but from their cyber selves too. 'Switching off' has become a literal necessity. Folks are switching off their laptops, smart phones and tablets and choosing to step away from their attention-seeking mailbox, twitter account, Instagram app and facebook news feed.

Some claim liberation, others detoxification. For most, it is slightly unnerving as there are many hours between actual printed newspapers in which no-news-at-all seems quite bizarre (although, can whose-divorcing-who-this-Christmas really be considered news?)

And so, if you have been away enjoying real time with your loved ones, rather than screen time with the world, welcome back.

We hope 2015 brings you what so many of us are after - TIME and the ENERGY to use it well. The Sealy Team will continue striving to improve how you sleep and ultimately how you live.

Here is to another great year.

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With love,

The Sleep Expert

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