What all those acronyms really mean…

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If you are over the age of 25-years-old, you may not be fluent in the latest text lingo...

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This shortened, grammatically-flawed version of English known as 'texting' or 'NetLingo' seems here to stay.

Are you ready to embrace some personal growth? Here is your guide to all those mind-blowing acronyms. It actually may make more sense than you thought.

BAU Business as usual

24/7 (twenty four hours, seven days a week ie. all the time)

4e forever

B4 Before

WTF what the f%$^

LOL laugh out loud

4COL for crying out loud

BC because (also cos)

BBFN Bye, bye for now

OOO Out of office

MYOB Mind your own business

BFF Best friends forever

BTW By the way

dunno I do not know

JAM Just a minute

NNR Need not respond

AEAP As early as possible

OMW On my way

GR8 Great

KITY Keep it to yourself

AFAIK As far as I know

AKA Also known as

GGP Gotta go pee

**// wink, wink, nudge, nudge

IMRU I am, are you?

SFETE Smiling from ear to ear

SO Significant other

ROFL Rolling on the floor laughing

TBH To be honest

ROFLMAO Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off

TBT Throw back thursday (post an old picture on a Thursday)

TIA Thanks  in advance

WIP Work in progress

OMG Oh my god

ZZZ Sleep/tired/bored

UCWAP Up creek without a paddle

W/E Weekend

Let's hope all these acronyms save you time and some face. Remember use with caution. And when in doubt, rather don't.

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