What do Broke Travel Lovers do?

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Old Biscuit Mill, Cape Town

It's that dreaded time of the year again when jetsetters are all jetting back home with incredible memories from their travels and even more wanderlust. It's a sad time because most of us travelers have used up our travel funds with last year's last travel adventure. Whatever little we have in the travel piggy bank we'll be adding to in order to undertake the next great adventure of our lives -- I know I am.

As a person who's had to deal with having to come back home and carve out a sembelance of a real life (go to school, get a job) while all I wanted to do was travel, I know what this time of year can do to travel lovers. Here's what you can do as a broke travel lover to feed your wanderlust:

1. Jet Off to your great adventure:

Great jetsetters go on their great adventures during off peak travel times! Seasons like the December season are bad for your travel pocket (fanny pack) as is the Northern Hemisphere summer if you want to travel to Europe and North America. Save during the peak travel times and  go see the world when the rush slows down.

2. Explore your town:

Being broke has led to great travels and explorations within the various towns I've been lucky to call home. There are often great and unexplored areas in small towns and big cities alike, which the residents miss because we're forever chasing greener pastures. Go for coffee in a new neighbourhood, go to a charity shop or drive to the nearest city.

3.  Go on a road trip:

Road trips are the best! Gather all your best friends and hit the road.

4. Visualise:

The time between travels is sometimes my favourite because it restores my love and fire to see the world. Read travel guides and create mood boards. Research, watch movies and music about travel and your next destination. Feed your wanderlust and make yourself hungry to see the world.

Happy jetsetting!

Image via: Embracing Style

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