What I learned from my mothers will make your mouth water

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I'd like to make a book like this one, one day.

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As much as I love my mother, our relationship only started to get closer in my late 20s. But truly became close when I had my first child in  my early 30s. I don't know what it was that kept us apart for most of my youth -- I suspect her letting me get away with just about anything was the cause. On the other side ma Zane was my rock. She was the one who cracked the whip when I was out of line. The impact they had on my life was very different yet they both made me who I am.

So to celebrate my two mothers this Mother's Day Week -- yes, we've devoted this week to our mother figures-- I'll be sharing with you two of the many recipes I learned from them, which also represent their personalities to perfection.

The Mojito

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My mother is wild and sultry like a night in a Latin American city, think Havana. One of her favourite drinks to make --aside from a dry martini -- is a mojito.


  • The juice of one lime
  • 4 - 6 mint leaves
  • 1 - 3 teaspoons of sugar (you'll have to decide what tastes good.)
  • Crushed ice
  • 60ml premium white rum
  • Soda water

These ingredients make one serving, which is the best way to make a mojito, one at a time. No blending is necessary to make this drink.

Add the lime juice and sugar into your glass and and mix gently. Add the mint leaves into your glass, add the crushed ice, stir in the rum and top with soda water. Stir well.

Have slices of lime or some mint leaves left? Great! use them to garnish. Stick a pretty umbrella on it and enjoy my mother's medicine!


Vetkoek and mince


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When I was 16 and I went vegetarian for a few days I tried to be strong but ma Zane's vetkoek with mince was my Achilles' heel. When I came home from school I could smell them the moment I entered the house, regardless of how long she's cooked them.


  • Dough
  • Cooked mince (She prepares hers with garlic, tomatoes, peas and beef stock.)
  • Mozzarella  cheese
  • Oil

Take fistfuls of dough and shape them into round balls and fry them. Once they go golden brown stick a fork in them to check if they've fully cooked. Let them stand and cool. Cut the vetkoek open warm up the mince, spoon it in and drizzle some mozzarella.

Yum Yummy!

Happy Mother's Day Week to all the loving mothers out there.


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