What I Want For Christmas

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When I saw this Christmas prezzie questionnaire on one of my favourite crafts and lifestyle blogs I simply had to use it. So I filled it in sent one to my mother and plastered another on my sister's fridge. It's a wonderful guide for those who love you and want to spend a bit of money and time on you these coming holidays.

This isn't all about me, it's about you and all the people you love and those who love you It's to help get out of the darkness and gives you a gift-buying map.

Questionnaire aside, these are a few of the pretty things I'd like for the holiday:

1. Good Music

My student life and student budget have both made my music collection quite light. THese are some of the titles I would not say no to:

1. Lana Del Rey's Born to Die

2. Rihanna's Unapologetic

3. Mumford & Son's Babel

4. Taylor Swift's Red

5. The Beyonce Live at Revel DVD when it becomes available.


2. Sweet Scents

When I was 17 I decided that Daisy by Marc Jacobs would be my designer scent come what may and I hadn't even been able to afford a bottle of my Daisy and yet what may has actually come! Behold, Dot... Eek!

4. Family Time

 This might come across as cheesy but the holiday season is nothing without my family and close friends above all else I want to have a good relaxing time with all of them. Good food and laughs and more good food.

5. Home Prettiness

As I've mentioned before the cottage is not yet to my liking and that my Sealy bed is about the only thing that works in there. So any unique decor items, clever storage and bright things that "made you think of me" are all welcome, family.

Last but not least of all, the iPhone five launches today in South African stores... Just saying.

Cheers to the weekend!

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