What is Vegetarianism?

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Today, the first day of October, marks world vegetarian day. The day has been recognised for the past 35 years in countries around the world. As you might know, vegetarians do not eat meat, fish or poultry. People choose the lifestyle for varied reasons, which mainly relate to health, lifestyle and environmental concerns. There are different kind of  of vegetarians, today we'll explore a few of them.

Vegetarianism is a a complicated and difficult lifestyle change. It's important that people do what feels right to them; not everyone can cut out animal products completely, which is why veganism is not for everyone. Some people are able to stop eating meat completely and one; for other people it's a gradual process.

1. Pescatarians

Fall into the branch of vegetarianism that doesn't consume any animal flesh with the exception of fish. Though some hardcore (read more vegetarian than thou) vegetarians might not consider this lifestyle choice vegetarian I believe it's a stepping stone and a step toward a vegetarian diet. It's the small changes that count, especially when done for health reasons.

2. "Flexitarians" or Semi-vegetarians

These people live most of their lives on a vegetarian diet without identifying themselves as vegetarians. They eat vegetarian food purely because they enjoy it (it's sometimes for health reasons) and eat meat occasionally. I believe this group is also frowned upon by the hardcore section of the lifestyle.

3.  Lacto-vegetarians

Lacto-vegetarians do not consume meat, fish, poultry or eggs but they eat dairy products. According to Wikipedia This lifestyle choice is popular with people of Eastern spirituality because they "consider eating flesh bad for one's spiritual/mental well-being."

4. Ovo-vegetarians

This lifestyle choice/change is often a result of lactose intolerance and people who subscribe to it do not eat meat and dairy products but are permitted eggs.

5. Vegans

Veganism is a lifestyle that abstains from use of any  animal products. It involves not eating meat, consuming dairy or wearing products made from animal parts (leather, silk and even animal prints.)

There isn't just one way to be vegetarian. Whatever your reason for making the lifestyle change, there is a branch that caters to your needs. You can always change it to suit what you need. I believe in tailoring things to fit one's lifestyle.

Happy meat-free Monday and vegetarian day!



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