What lies beneath – dirty bed linen exposed

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Your bed should be your sanctuary. A place you can find comfort and not bread crumbs or worse... critters that eat bed bugs. Or even worse, critters that eat you. Despite this, a recent research study in the UK showed that the vast majority of British men only change their bedding four times a year. That is once every three months! 

Mites, scabies and bed bugs thrive on a diet of sweat, dead skin cells and body heat. You will spend a third of your life in your bed which means it will need regular cleaning to prevent infestation, infection and allergies. What is required is rather simple really. Here are the bed hygiene tips (and cheats) that will spare you in the end.

TIP: WASH YOUR SHEETS EVERY WEEK - In Winter, once a week is adequate. In Summer, you may need to wash them more regularly if you are sweating more than usual. In the case of any spill or accident you need to wash your bed linen immediately. In order to achieve this you need to own more than one set of bed linen as you will need to swap it out regularly.

CHEAT: BUY LOTS OF SHEETS & PILLOW CASES. If too lazy to take everything off and replace it, then opt for changing at least your sheet and pillow case weekly. Sleep between a fitted sheet and loose sheet so that the duvet is being spared slightly. In the mornings, do not make your bed and allow your sheets and mattress to breathe whilst you are not in your bed.

TIP: DO NOT DRINK/EAT IN BED. Save tea and coffee for the lounge and keep snacks on the dining room table. This way you are guaranteed to have no spills or messes in your sanctuary.

CHEAT: USE A MATTRESS PROTECTOR and drink from spill-proof containers. Use a towel or tray to catch crumbs if you are going to be eating in bed. Remove all cups, plates, trays and towels before going to sleep.

TIP: PLACE YOUR MATTRESS IN THE SUN once a month to dry and air. Choose a sunny day to leave your mattress in direct sunlight. Try and ensure that both sides of the mattress see the sun. When placing back on your bed turn it if required.

CHEAT: SAVE THE TRIP OUTDOORS AND OPEN YOUR WINDOWS and let the sun pour onto your mattress. Sprinkle some bicarbonate of soda on the mattress to absorb moisture and odours. Leave for one hour and then vacuum.


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