What to Get The Jetsetter in Your Life

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My mother and father have always been in tune with who I am, even when I wasn't so sure they always knew. They bought me maps and bus tickets; a car with a full tank of petrol and paid for my first passport. Their love for me was always based on setting me free and allowing me to follow this wanderlust within me. These a few Christmas gifts for a person who loves to travel

1. Support

This is the biggest thing by far. When I first got a chance to travel (after university) it was great knowing that not only did I have my parents' approval but that I also had their support. You can't begin to imagine the confidence boost one has when they know that while in a foreign country chasing their dreams and chasing their dreams they will have a roof when they come back home with big eyes, bigger dreams and maybe an empty wallet.

Best way to let them know that you're behind their jet-setter dreams? A guide to the country/city of their dreams.

2. A Compass

Granted, not many still use these brilliant tools but there is nothing more beautiful and more apt. No better reminder to stay true to your heart's true north.

3. A Travel Pillow

My first few years of traveling were marred by a sore neck and back. Jetsetters who are reading this buy one for yourself if you must!

4.  Luggage

A beautiful and quality set of travel bags. You don't have to break the bank here, quality is key. A neutral black set i timeless but if you know that your jetsetter loves unique pieces that make them stand out then go for a unique set.

5. E-reader

I don't know how we jetsetters who are also bookworms coped before e-reader technology was perfected. This is a lightweight way for your jetsetter  to cart around all their favourite books.

6. A camera

It doesn't have to be a fancy digital SLR one. Just a basic camera that'll help them record and then share their memories with you. Instagram is a more instant way to achieve this, if you have a bit of money then get them an iPhone or iPad.

7. International Adapters

This is a practical gift that will allow them to keep their gadgets (hairdryers included) plugged-in when they need to be.

8. A Sealy Bed

For those times when they come home and they need their rest.

Happy Holidays and Happy Jetsetting!

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