What we fear the most – the Top 5 NIGHTMARES!

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The most common NIGHTMARES and what they could represent

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Nightmares are awful... They can feel like a HUGE waste of emotional energy as you wake to find your body riddled with fear instead of bathed in glorious slumber. It appears that we all have nightmares, but some are more able to recall these after waking. Bizzarely, nightmares are also universal - they cut through cultural and language divides and are also not limited by one's age.

So in case your bad dreams are making you wonder if you are okay or borderline insane here are the most common nightmares hitting the world!

1. Tooth loss - this dream is harrowing. You can actually feel the bits of broken teeth in your mouth and feel them falling into your hand. You can taste the blood and no matter what you do you can't save your crumbling, pearly whites.

Meaning: grappling with issues of mortality, feelings of loss of control and utter helplessness. May be suffering from anxiety/depression.


2. Partially or completely naked in public - you are at an event, giving a speech or doing your groceries when you suddenly notice you 'forgot' to put on your essential clothing. People may not yet have noticed your nudity or they have and are staring. Sadly, there is no sound of applause.

Meaning: a sense of vulnerability, unpreparedness or shamefulness. May be suffering from guilt.


3. Being chased - You may be walking, driving or out for a jog and suddenly there are men/dogs/lions/monsters chasing you down. No amount of speed or tactics can seem to put them off the scent. And the worst part? There is no one around to help you escape.

Meaning: There may be a part of you that you need to accept. You may have feelings of intense hate or anger that you have not yet dealt with.


4. Falling - Falling backwards off a tall building, stumbling off a mountain slope or slipping off your roof never seemed a) so likely and b) so terrifying. Despite your efforts to not fall, you do... and it's a long way down before you wake up or hit the ground.

Meaning: you may be experiencing a loss of control or believe your life is out of balance.


5. Failing an exam -you haven't been at school for years but somehow you spend what feels like your entire night dreaming of writing and failing your final Maths/English/Science paper.

Meaning: you may not be feeling up to the task in your job or an important relationship.






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