What’s Gone Viral? Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of course.

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The cyber-world stood still on Saturday, the 2nd of May, as women across the globe held their breath in anticipation of the birth of the latest royal. Men, do not get as absorbed by these matters it seems.

"The Princess of Cambridge is in labour..."

"It's a girl" and then thousands of days later...

"Her name is Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana Windsor."

And of course, the anticipation only grew as the world waited to actually see the first glimpse of new royal who is fourth in line to the throne (sorry, Uncle Harry, you're now number 5).

The video of their first public appearance exiting St Mary's Hospital has had millions of views. If you are not one of them then here it is for you.

Dozens of hilarious mommy blogs have criticized and praised her ten-hours post-birth appearance. Whether you regard her as an Amazonian heroine or victim of a phenomenal PR team, I am sure you agree with this sentiment from the Sealy team:

"To Kate and William, on the birth of your daughter, congratulations and well done. To George, congratulations on becoming a big brother to little Charlotte. Play nicely and please make sure the four of you get some well-earned rest back at the palace."

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