What’s in my Winter bag

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Winter is here whether or not we're are ready -- who am I kidding? I'm ready. My daily tote has changed and it feels and smells warm. My sunglasses and sun hat have had to make way for warmth.

As much as winter gets to me, I have to admit that I've been looking forward to layering my clothes, my favourite coats were dry cleaned when I felt autumn in the air. I have pulled out a vintage leather bag my mother used as my nappy bag when I was a baby. It's very spacious and beautiful, not to mention rare! It's been resting for years at the back of my wardrobe.

It's been fun running around making sure that all my winter items are available. My skin gets horribly dry when it's cold, which means I have to stay on top of moisturising. Here's what's on m winter list and what will be definitely going into my bag:

1. My beanie goes wherever I go. My ears need to stay warm for the in between time, which I have a lot of. Walking from my car to a building, driving, waiting at an airport or reception area.

2. I always buy a fancy pair of  gloves at the beginning of winter, or when I'm traveling to a cold area. I always lose it. So by the mid-cold season I can be found wearing warm gloves that aren't quite as stylish.

3. I need a snack , I prefer a snack that'll give me energy and have a good impact on my nutrition. I can't exactly carry  a yoghurt serving or fruit for extended periods of time, so an energy bar or peanuts do it.

4. My hands are constantly dry in winter, aside from washing them they just seem to lose moisture, that's why I carry  a vitamin E rich hand lotion.

5. Hydrating face cream for those moments that pop out of nowhere, such as extended flights where I am forced to wash my face eventually.

6. The sniffles always seem to happen to good people, so I prepare for them by carrying a packet of tissues.

7. Bio Oil is the best thing to happen to (ashy) dry-skinned people like myself. When I feel my elbows and knees start to become a problem, I just excuse myself for a Bio Oil break.

8. At the very bottom of my bag it a shabby water bottle I picked up on a trip to England, I keep it with me because one just never knows! Don't judge me.

9. Zam-buk keeps my lips moisturised  like no other! My smile is always glossy and free of dead skin cells.

10 I must have a gloss! I need my flavoured lip gloss or lip ice to make me feel pretty and kissable. Zam-buk caters to the needs of my lips and gloss caters to my superficiality.


What's in your bag? What do you think is missing from mine? Let me know in the comments section below.

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