What’s in my Winter Daily bag

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Hello JetSetters,


This is actually a post about two of my favourite things: day trips and handbags. I'm one of those people who, unashamedly, try to have a bag that's perfect for every season and every occasion. Some of my worst nightmares -- a rare feat on my Sealy bed -- are made up of me showing up someplace barely packed for the occasion and lugging around a bag that is wrong for the day. So we'll be talking what to pack for a day trip and what goes into my winter bag. Here's a hint about the actual bag: classic and understated.

Firstly, I usually go for a simple black leather bag in winter as in requires very little maintainance and goes with about everything from back-to-back meetings to a dinner date or drinks with the girls. I'd recommend finding and what works for you for the season.

What's in my winter daily bag

1. Hand lotion. I carry this with me every season but for winter I switch it up and carry one with extra moisture for sensitive skin.

2. I have Vaseline petroleum jelly, which is really great on my lips and knees in winter.

3. Gloves, a scarf and earmuffs. Jo'burg may be my favourite city but I'll never get used to the winters.

4. Keys, phone, appointment book, business cards etc. To keep me on track about what's coming up on my diary and travel plans.

What to pack for a day trip

I've flown across country for meetings and it loses its charm after the first few flights. After a while it's strictly business -- it should be from the beginning -- so you need to have the tools of your trade on hand. If I have a meeting in a different city I just take along my Daily bag as is and only add what i'll be needing for the out of town meeting. If you're going down for a presentation, have a copy of that and email one ahead of time, know where your meeting is and request that someone who knows the city pick you up from the airport.

What's in your daily bag?

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