What’s Keeping me up at Night

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I've found that though being the efficient type who loves to plan ahead and draw timelines for goals has been helpful to me in the past it's doing me no favours at present. In my timeline it says that I should have a job/internship in either PR or Events while I wait to graduate but as things stand I'm six weeks over deadline -- still with no job prospects.

It's become such a fine balance between being grateful for what I do have and chasing the goals I've written down for myself and being upset by inability to fulfill them. Being unemployed and not having school and assignments to light a fire under me I've found my routine has become stagnant. I've stopped being efficient and "pumped up!"

Things I'm still Getting Right:

1. I still manage to get my workouts in. I'm now able to go for a quick run or long walks more often than ever before because I have all this time. On top of all the home exercises I've been doing I managed to do a 45-minute workout based on an old DVD my parents bout me when I started varsity.

2. I've become quite the nap master. I take two naps that last at least an hour each day. This combined with my workouts has given me boundless energy.

3. I'm also eating better. My sister (bless her) has been kind about buying any and everything strange or new I add on my grocery list. They (she and her family) liked it better on night I make vegetarian pizza or the pasta sauce I found through youtube. Youtube can teach you anything.

Things I'm getting wrong:

Sleep. I'm up at all hours of the night thinking, watching bad movies and shows on the TV, writing newer lists about how I can do better. I'd hoped that by this time I would be paying my sister rent and grocery money but alas. I guess I'm rushing things and not being patient. It's not my strongest suit.

On a bright note: I moved the TV back to my sister's storage place. Maybe I'll start being productive again or sleeping better, at the very least.

Vegetarian pizza recipes here

Cheers to the weekend!


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