What’s with the tossing? Getting to sleep quicker

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Tossing a salad? Perfectly acceptable, even advised. Tossing and turning in bed all night long while your partner has trampoline dreams? Not great. Not being able to fall asleep can be frustrating, which is why we're going to the mattresses, so to speak, in search of the main reasons we toss and turn and how to help you get a toss-free night's sleep...

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The 5 things that are keeping you tossing at night

1. TOO warm
Snuggly and warm is the aim for sure, but to fall asleep your body temperature needs to dip before rising when you hit that fabulous deep sleep. If your body can't cool down as you are trying to fall asleep or overheats during the deep sleep temperature rise then sleep you will not find. Combine your clothing and bedding carefully to make sure that you don't end up in a sweat.

2. TOO tired
Trying to fall asleep too late after dark will mean that you have missed the helpful melatonin surge that causes you to feel drowsy around 9pm. Once over-tired you will be wired. Both your body and mind will fight your attempt to dose off. Try and tune into both your body rhythms and nature's ebb and flow so that your biology is working for, and not against, you.

3. TOO fit
Exercising too close to bed time gives your body the message that sleep is far off. Exercising during the day is an amazing way to regulate your sleep-wake cycle; but working out within 2 hours of your bedtime creates a spike in adrenaline  getting your heart pumping and brain firing... and that's not gonna get you to sleep.

4. TOO late
It's said that every hour you sleep before midnight counts for two hours thereafter. Early to bed and early to rise seems to be an easy fit for most folk's eyelids (but perhaps not their schedules). Try to get your 7.5 hours sooner rather than later.

5. TOO light
Deep sleep is supported by the dark. Even a little bit of light will affect your sleep quality: light tells your body its time to wake up. As you are getting ready for bed dim the lights. Once in bed switch off, block out and unplug to find sweet slumber.

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