When Counting Sheep No Longer Helps

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I've notice that the older I get and the more I have on my plate the harder switching my mind off gets. I remember talking with my other friends we all were of the opinion that one part of our lives is spent not wanting to sleep, stressing about making money. The other is spent wishing we could sleep now that we're financially secure but having to stay awake to maintain the standard of living. Whichever phase of you life you're in today I'm bringing you a few tips to help you fall asleep if t you so desire.

1. Check your equipment.

The bed is an integral part of the sleep process. If it's lumpy, sags or older that five years then it's most definitely not good for your sleep time. Buying yourself a new bed is the first step in the right direction. Even if the bed is only in your guest bedroom, all your future guests will appreciate the upgrade.

2. Relax.

I've found that a long hot shower followed by a book in bed knocks me right out. It might also be because I'm somewhat of a water baby, which is why I recommend doing what makes you relax.

3. Switch off.

Turn off any digital or electronic devises that may keep you up or upset you. Watching news in bed or taking your smartphone to bed with you is never a good idea. Ask people who are likely to try and contact you during your sleep time to refrain from it. My mother knows that we don't speak after 10PM because her news is always exciting, be it good or bad.

4. Happy thoughts.

If you can't get your brain to slow down then try to occupy it with happy thoughts. I can't tell you the number of times I've fallen asleep from thinking about the good things in life. Not only does it soothe the mind but I'd like to think that it also releases some happy hormones. Right fellow daydreamers?


What are your Jetsetting plans this weekend?

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