When Earth Hour is Over

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Saturday, as we all know, was Earth Hour day. The lovely Pop Princess penned a little post on that  with a few ideas on what people could do between 8:30PM and 9:30PM while their lights were off. Not only did I enjoy the post but I also found it quite useful, which got me thinking about environment conservation and green efforts in general.

As most of you who read our little blog know, I'm very pro-earth-considerate initiatives as they bring the issues of climate change and other environmental crisis to the attention of people who may be ignorant of them. People who don't know about the environmental issues because many of the of them are presented with too much jargon.

So after reading that post and hoping that the campaign reached the people who needed to see it most I found myself looking to the future. I wondered if there was sufficient information and encouragement for the people who want to save energy beyond Earth Hour. This is exactly why I prospered in the corporate world -- I"m always thinking of the long term.

If you participated in Earth Hour on Saturday or forgot because you weren't home or were at Cape Town stadium watching Bafana do us proud; if you wish to help save energy beyond Earth Hour these are a few things you can implement in your daily life:

1. Change your light bulb. Energy saving light bulbs are said to use only 20% of the energy that the regular incandescent globes use. They also last longer. With these light bulbs you can have Earth Hour in your home every night.

2. Switch off lights in rooms that are unoccupied.

3. Dim the lights while watching a movie or television -- this also enhances the mood.

4. Turn off all lights in the morning before leaving the house.

5. If you have streetlights that burn all day and night in your neighbourhood speak to your local electricity provider or municipality about having them switch the lights off during day time.

6. Arrange weekly candlelit dinners with your partner and (or) rest of the family.

These are small things that we may take for granted but in the long run they contribute to conserving energy. As much as Earth Hour is a big event that saves a lot of energy all at once; imagine how much energy small daily changes can save.


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