When I Finally Broke it off with my BB

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On Tuesday the New York Times published an article on the Blackberry titled: "Quick, Hide the Blackberry, it's too uncool." The article is funny -- especially now that I'm no longer on that ship -- and has facts and quips from current and former users of the Blackberry device that document why it's become so uncool. This reminded me of my own transition from Blackberry.

I remember when this blog was close to launching and the designers sent me the approved designs and caricatures. I didn't want longer hair or legs nor a slimmer figure; all I could think was: "I'm a BB lover! I'm not on Apple." I'm always connected and have my finger on the pulse of every single thing... Well, except on this occasion. I think I clutched my Smartphone tighter at the thought of people seeing that physical representation of me holding anything BUT my trusted gadget of nearly over six years.

Hardly two months after the designer and I exchanged those emails of friendly brand-loyal banter I was told by my cellular provider that I was eligible for an upgrade. My best friends came to my door (OK, it was done at book club and other social gatherings) to campaign for a brand switch. There was very little mocking and it all came from my little brother who always untagged all the blurry pictures I took of his kid and tagged me in all of his clear ones.

When decision time came, I was sad to be leaving trusted BB behind. I was sad that after six years, the last two being pure and blind loyalty, I was forced to move to a brand that best served me. I was never embarrassed that I didn't have the latest apps that everybody else had when I was on BB. I was frustrated by the poor battery life and other glitches; now I get to take beautiful impromptu pictures of my little niece and show them around with pride. All my calenders are integrated and my computer and mobile life run smoother now at my fingertips without a bi-weekly "battery pull."

Brands must stop the notion that consumers will blindly follow and endorse them forever; nostalgia is cute but when people no longer get what they need from a brand/product, rest assured that they will move on. I'm  glad my Sealy hasn't given me any reason to seek more comfortable pastures.

PS: That image of me foretold what was to come.

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