When it Rains…

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Don't look so worried! This a positive post, despite the well known saying... The wet weather that we had this past weekend kept the family and I indoors. And while I love being indoors with my children and hubby I will admit that I took a few breaks for mum. In between homework, board games, mother's medicine and too much good food I got a chance to escape onto the internet.

Though I am admittedly  by far the least internet savvy woman on this blog I am always excited but new projects -- even if they are based online or most involve the internet i.e blogging here.

It was recently brought to all our attention that Sealy have opened up their social media platforms to the public. I look forward to all the life inspirations, DIY ideas and maybe some post inspiration.

I was particularly excited about their Pinterest account, as you may know I'm quite the pinner in my spare time or when I'm planning dinners. For this quick, inspiration-filled post I'll be showing you a few of my favourite pins from a few of the Sealy boards. Enjoy!

How beautiful is this bedroom? I cannot imagine anyone finding it hard to fall asleep in here.

You may remember that in 2011 I had to supervise (read do all the work) my youngest son's room redecoration project.

It's the exact season for this kind of evening. I might have the theme for my next dinner party, friends.

There's never a bad moment for red velvet cake. Ever.

I hope we'll be seeing you on both the Facebook page and on Pinterest.

All images found on the Sealy South Africa Pinterest account.

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