When It’s Cold Out, Stay in

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The weather may have lightened up a bit on us down here today but what I'm hearing from the rest of the land is that it's quite cold. The weather people are also skeptical about the country seeing much sun over the weekend, which is why I've put together a checklist of things to do indoors this weekend. I'll be ticking every single item off.

1. Befriend Your Pyjamas 

I unfortunately don't have the onesie I've had my eye on since last November but I won't let that spoil my weekend indoors. No ma'am! It'll be in my winter pyjamas and socks most of the time. Fun fact: Did you know that guys have the best pyjamas and socks? Yep! The next time you're looking for something comfy, homely and is not Victoria's Secret check the men's department at retailers.

2. Soups and Stews

My sister is the greatest cook, ever! I think these things sometimes skip a generation because my grandmum is a magician with recipes but my mother doesn't fare so well. This weekend (and this winter) I'm looking forward to all the comfort food she'll be cooking -- hopefully I'll pick up a thing or two.

3. Working in Bed

I'm working on a few new projects and I plan to put in as much work as I can while I'm burning with inspiration. There's no better place to work in this kind of weather than my Sealy bed.

4. Reading Blogs in Bed

Since I've been working and putting in a bit of time working out and in to these new projects I haven't had much to idle online and I miss reading my favourite blogs! This is going to be the time to do it.

5. Movie Date

My best friend has been down from Durban these past few days and the weekend will be our time together. We'll sit in bed, eat comfort food, read blogs, brainstorm, pain our nails and watch all the movies she's brought down for. I've been waiting the whole week for this. Eek! So excited.

As you can see, it's unlikely that I'll be leaving my bed for anything but a a bowl of piping-hot stew.

What are our plans for the weekend?

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