When it’s Time to Have the Talk

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Hi friends,

This past weekend my youngest went on a girl and boy play date. It wasn't a date (he's far too young for that) and I'm hoping that it's going to be about three more years before he goes on an actual date. It was just a movie with his favourite friend from soccer, who is a girl. Hubby and I decided to have the kindness talk, he is two years younger than my oldest son was when we had it with him.


I feel I should start from the beginning. Hubby and I had to have the first stages of the sex talk with my oldest son when he was three because my daughter was on her way and we had to make him understand that she wasn't some alien who had come to steal all our affections away from him. This has led to all the kids knowing about the birds and the bees by the time they went into pre-school. I believe in arming my children with the knowledge they need to be the best people they can be. Along with the sex talk for children we delved into appropriate and inappropriate touch, saying no and then reporting to mum or daddy.

We then updated the talk for the big kids when they were in their pre-teens to include such things as the urge to have sex, masturbation and appropriate places and time to indulge in self pleasure. It was also an important to me that they know that they always have the power to say no and that they shouldn't cave in to peer pressure.

Body Changes

I got my period later in my teens but was only armed with information I got from friends. When my daughter was 10 we discussed the changes women go through and why; she even got to accompany me to the OBGYN who then explained the scientific part of reproduction. Safe to say she aced Life Orientation for two years and is doing well in the reproduction chapter in her natural science class.

Hubby has been good about having discussions with the boys and answering questions to do with the changes in their bodies too.

The kindness talk

This is the talk we have with all the kids asking them to be kind, considerate, giving and to never sit by while something they know to be wrong happens. I'm a firm believer that those who watch bulling are as guilty as the bullies themselves. To respect themselves, their siblings and the world at large.

How did you enjoy your heritage day?

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