When Life Hands You Lemons

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take them and make a natural cleaning solution. Often South African weather skips right past autumn and plunges us straight into winter. And as a result of this I don't wait to feel a seasonal change before doing my winter preparation -- after all, we might wake up one morning and find that it's winter.

It's with thing in mind that over the years I've decided to do my "goodbye summer" cleaning and organisinng during the last two weeks of March.

Tackle the Outdoors:

Last weekend we had our official final summer soiree. We had a few friends over, threw a chop or two and some mealies on the braai, dance and chatted late into the night. This coming weekend we pack up some of the outdoor furniture and move the braai stand into the veranda.

Hubby has also called the local painters to give the front section of the house a new coat. He'll also be checking and fixing the gutters and the like.

It's also time to trim my rose bushes and rake up after the trees.

Come inside:

1. Clean all bedding and gradually bring out blankets and duvets.In the summer we all bundle up (barely that) in sheets and not much else so it's when this time of the year comes around I set out all the warmer bedding for those who require it. It's still quite warm but I prefer to keep the blanket out should any of my family members require them. This always helps keep our experiences on our Sealy beds incredible and helps us all to sleep well.

2. This Friday, which also happens to be laundry day,we'll be packing a bulk of the summer clothes and shoes away. Though we'll still probably be wearing shorts for another month or so, I think the time for shortest shorts has come and gone.

3. It's going to be Easter soon and this means we have to expect at least one guest. Not only will I be preparing the kitchen for Easter cooking but I'll also have to prepare the guest room and bathroom for whomever comes.

4. Vacuum. I go vacuum crazy at this time of the year. The carpeted areas of the house and upholstered furniture all need care.

5. Wash and change all curtain, drapes and blinds. This part of the clean up process is what drives the seasonal change home the most. We currently have bright summery curtains on the windows but when they are packed away they are replaced with warmer cosier ones.

What's on your autumn cleaning list?

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