When things go wrong, call mother

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Worst day of my year!

You know it’s going to be a bad day when the interval between waking up, taking a shower, hurriedly scoffing something resembling fibre and fruit down, seeing the guy  who is always at the first robot toward work passes by without having your Blackberry go off.


I can be rather idealistic about these things, I blame my father – he is the hippie in my DNA code.

In keeping with my overly optimistic parentage I took it is a sign that it was going to be a quiet day at the office, notwithstanding the fact that there is never a “quiet day at the office”. Still oblivious to the goings on in the rest of the world I got to work with a kick in my step and a rather happy grunge song in my heart.

I had the laptop parked on my desk and headed out to get caffeinated, my perfectly manicure fingers poised and ready to open a jar of Jacob’s.

“Where have you been?”

That’s my boss – technically speaking – she doesn’t quite like me. She was the young one, the groundbreaking female in the company and the industry.  That’s until I came around with my youth, my pencil skirts and stockings. She feels anyone who joined the industry and the corporation after 1997 is a leech that dresses like they’re going to the races or a secretary – on a good day.

I cursed my hippie parentage.

It turns out that while I was whistling some obscure band from the mid 1980s, feeling the sun on my face and romancing Jacob’s, the rest of the world was trying to get a hold of me – the rest of the world plus my mother were trying to get a hold of me. My trusted tablet said I had 25 emails and about 15 new notifications. While all those feel-good, hug-a-stranger and open-the-sunroof sentiments were going on, the love of my life was having a crisis, an emotional breakdown.

Blackberry is having a worldwide meltdown,”is what my mother had to say; she had called that morning to remind me to drink camomile tea with my breakfast.

Needless to say that conversation ended with: “If you phoned me every morning you would have known this.”

I still took my Blackberry with me to bed in the days of its recovery, just as a show of support and loyalty.

Connection is King.




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