While You Were Sleeping

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Happy Friday!

You lot (and my mother) will be please to know that my bed and I slowly getting back to out old tight-knit relationship. This week in particular has been one of the best this year as far as that relationship is concerned. My spur of the moment decision to join my friend's 5am bootcamp classes these last few days has had me up at the crack of dawn and my body so spent by the the time night came I'd often be out for nine - ten hours.

There's always been a proven link between physical activity (from a brisk walk all the way through to a run) and better quality of sleep. I imagine that great performers like Beyonce, Maddona and Paula Abdul sleep like babies when they prepare for their tours. Not all are they flooded with happy hormones they are spent after each rehearsal and performance.

This last week has showed me that For the last two months I've wasted all the feel-good hormones I've been getting from my workouts by stressing and staying up far too late. One of the main ways you can waste all your hard work at gym is by not getting great sleep -- not eating well and not hydrating are the other ways.

Another thing I learnt this past week is that we shouldn't exercising close to bedtime. Any activity  three - four hours before hitting the sack is bad for your sleep.

I foresee a fortnight filled with tired and painful limbs, a good kind tired because I've signed up to join the bootcamp three mornings a week for the next two weeks as well as  a jog in the late afternoon on the days I don't have bootcamp.

Have any of you taken up any new fitness challenges? How are they working out for you? Has your new fitness regime had an impact on how you sleep? Please share in the comments section.

Cheers to the weekend!

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