Why Baby Should Sleep on Their Own

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in your bedroom

I've known for a few years now that when I have children of my own I want to be the sort of parent my mother was. It looks even more workable with boyfriend because he balances my seriousness perfectly. Being, or attempting to be as good a mother as my mother is means the child will be on breast milk and probably sleep in their crib by six months or earlier. And will hopefully sleep in their nursery by eight months. My baby brother and his fiance are worried that maybe they stopped co-sleeping with my niece -- who will be three years old any day now -- too soon, which has had me thinking about parenting and how you know what's best for your baby.

It's important to note that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) warns parents not to place their infants to sleep in adult beds, stating that the practice puts babies at risk of suffocation and strangulation. This means that when the baby does co-sleep the parents have to be on high alert to potential dangers. Though new mothers may be tempted, co-bedding (sharing the bed with your infant) is  dangerous because suffocation is a high risk.

Pediatricians, on the other hand,  actually recommend that parents share a bedroom with their infants without sharing a bed. This means mother and dad sleep in their bed and baby sleeps in his/her crib. The baby is then safe from any issues that may come from co-bedding but they're still close enough to mum to feel safe.

For some mothers, co-bedding seems to make breastfeeding as well as getting baby back to sleep after interrupted sleep easier. But I think the cons are just too great.

Tips to make bedroom-sharing beneficial 

1. If baby takes longer to fall asleep then cradle them in mum or dad's chest until they fall asleep and but them in their crib.

2. Make a feeding schedule if baby is on the bottle or set an alarm.

3. Adjust the bedroom temperature to be suitable for baby.

4. Buy baby a bed as good as the one you sleep on. Sealy has great cot mattress options.


What are your views? Are you foe co-bedding or bedroom-sharing?



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