Why do I feel so tired when I am getting great sleep?

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Great sleep is a big piece of the 'feeling energetic' pie, but it remains only one of the pieces. Here are the other pieces of the pie that may be missing from your daily life and causing your fatigue.

1. Hydration - dehydration will lead to drowsiness, fatigue, constipation and slower mental processing. Keep hydrated by sipping on cold water throughout the day. You may not need as much water as you think... You will need to drink more water if the weather is hot, you have been exercising, you have a lot of muscle mass and/or have eaten salty food.

2. Relaxation - leisure, play, good times, kicking back, having fun, being present. Relaxation seems to have fallen off many people's radar. If you are not sure if what you are doing counts as leisure then it probably isn't. These activities should make you lose track of time and feel good. Make sure you carve out at least 30 minutes every day to smell the roses.

3. Mastication - Also known as chewing, mastication is the first step of digestion that begins in your mouth. Rush through your meal and you will find that your food is poorly digested leading to gas, heart burn and poor absorption. So, take your time and really enjoy every mouthful.

4. Distraction - Take note of what's happening in the places you find yourself during the day and night. Are they restful places or frenetic spaces where you feel your attention is exhausted? Try to eliminate unnecessary noise, clutter and disruptions: Turn off the radio when driving; put on headphones at work; get those piles of emails or paper out of sight so your brain is not weighed down by the messages it is getting from your senses. Processing unnecessary information will make you feel tired faster.

5. Respiration - You need to breath... deeply. More oxygen means more life, literally. So stop what you are doing.. yes, stop reading... and take a deep breath. Fill your lungs and focus on your breath.

Getting these each and every day may not be realistic but getting them most days should be a priority.

If your fatigue is extreme and cannot be explained by any of these factors then The Sealy Sleep Expert recommends visiting your GP for a check up and a few blood tests to rule out conditions such as anemia, low blood pressure, diabetes and hypothyroidism.

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