Why is the Gym Empty?

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It's now March. I've been asking myself where the year has gone, as is tradition. I think a lot of us tend to view the New Year as another dimension instead of a continuation, which is why we're taken aback when we realise that it's just time and it's still ticking on. Another thing that alerted me as to how far we are in the year was going to gym on a Monday mid-morning and finding it considerably empty.

Losing wight and (or) getting fitter (along with save more, meet someone new, stop smoking, push back wine o'clock) is one of the resolutions that get broken the most especially in the first few weeks of the year.

I've also been guilty of breaking this particular resolution myself in the past. This lead me to not write it down as a "exercise six times a day" and "lose 10 kilos." I've approached it as doing what I can to keep my body active and in great working order. Eating what I need and rarely more in order to keep my body fueled.

The sad part about these fad resolutions that we all make and hardly stick to is that they cost us too much money. There's probably an industry out there fueled with our money, short-live determination and tears. The people over at ADWEEK put together this graphic in the beginning of January....

This illustrates just how much industries are making from even a few weeks of a failed resolution. But I realise that a person's self-esteem suffers a lot more than their pocket does when they quit something; that they may feel worthless or that they're quitters, which I can't believe to be true. If you feel that gym is no longer working for you then by all means stop going (this is where trial memberships are perfect.) If your goal is fitness and maybe losing a few then find an activity that keeps you moving and fits in with your lifestyle. These last few months The Pop Princess has shared her home workouts (from the internet) and they work for her budget and time. Try those. Be your own motivation and see where that takes you.

I think there are many ways to skin a New Year's resolution, gym is just one.

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