Why Stay in South Africa This Summer

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When I was younger (about five years ago) I always got a thrill from getting out of the country and going to new or familiar -- I took quite a lot of pride in the fact that when I was 23 years old London felt like home -- places. As the years went by, I would sit in a London pub or Starbucks and watch enviously as none South African friends posted blurry pictures from Cape Town or Jeffrey's. My summer plans are calling me over the seas but I will ring into the new year in a Durban dive reminiscent of my first year after high school with all my friends from high school. These are the reasons I think you should stay in South Africa this summer.

1. The travel/accommodation is affordable.  This isn't just spiel that our tourism industry tries to sell tourists; accommodation and travel within the South African borders really is affordable, especially when you have extended family to give you room and board during your holiday.

2. You know the vibe. No actual New Yorkers go to Times Square on New Year's Eve to watch the dropping of the ball because they know the chaos there. Likewise, no South African who wants to enjoy their holiday goes to a Durban beach (or any public beach) during the festive season. Insider information like this, which destinations don't put in brochures, will help you have the best holiday doing meaningful things that don't involve walking down Hollywood Boulevard in a touristy way (sorry Pop Princess, do that in American summer.)

3. My favourite thing about domestic tourism -- other than the possibility of getting to know one's country and heritage better -- is that the money stays within these borders. Our money doesn't just go toward a holiday, it goes into communities and families we're likely to meet. I have never stayed in a faceless establishment in any of my travels within these boarders.

4. Sunshine! You are guaranteed to experience the South African summer in, well, the sun and people are always in extra good spirits over the festive season.

I hope these reasons have made you want to take a plunge and design the kind of South African holiday you have always wanted to have for this coming festive season.

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