Win by Pinning!

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I haven't quite found my feet in the technology arena. I have a pinterest account on which I catalogue inspiration, DIY projects and recipes I might want to try in the future. A few days ago I found out We Are Women South Africa are running a Pinterest competition for their fans.

In order to enter you have to follow the We Are Women SA Pinterest  account, create your own inspirational "we are women SA" board filled with images that inspire you as a woman and images that celebrate womanhood. The initiative, which is sponsored by Lil-lets is giving away R10, 000 worth of Kindles and magazine subscriptions of the winner's choice!

These are the kind of items we, as women, often overlook as being luxuries and frivolous when writing up the household budget. Imagine how much of a saving a free subscription to your favourite glossy would be? I know a kindle would make holiday travel that much easier for me! Not to mention that I would also get to relax at my holiday destination with a few of the books I've been meaning to read but haven't had the time to do so.

If you, much like myself, are still finding your footing in this new way of scrap-booking but want to enter this competition, do no despair. Pinterest now allows users to create up to three secret boards, which remain private until you are ready to publish them for your followers and the world to see. You can use this option to pin for this competition and publish the board when you're ready (and before the competition closes, of course.) You can also use the secret board option to plan secret parties, gifts and surprises without the people for whom the surprise is intended finding the board.

All of the best with your entries and happy pinning!

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