WIN with Sealy: Share your sleep tips for new moms

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The mom in this picture looks super relaxed and energised, right? We all know that's not the truth!

There's plenty of advice around the Internet on how to get babies to sleep, but this Mother's Day we're putting the focus on new moms. A recent study reveals that parents of new babies miss out on six months of sleep in the first two years - so it's not a coincidence that the term "Mombie" was coined.

For a chance to win the best Mother's Day gift of all (sleep!) and a brand new Sealy bed valued at R8999, we're asking you to show all Mombies some love. To enter the competition, like the Sealy South Africa Facebook page and give us your best New Mom Sleep Tip in the comments below.

Competition closed on Friday, 12 May at midnight. Click here for Ts&Cs.

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Thank you for entering our Mother's Day competition!


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  1. Ah the joys of motherhood are great but I must admit that sleep deprivation should not ruin those blissful days of early parenting. Zombie mums and babies are not on! We certainly don't want crabby babies and cranky moms. Set a routine for your baby. Ensure that the baby is well fed( try feeding the baby some porridge at night in addition to his feed) and promote relaxation by adding a few drops of lavender essential oil to the babies bath water. I used to bath with my baby. Believe me, it encourages bonding and relaxation at the same time. Lavender is a trusted relaxation oil & works wonders. Massage the baby after bathing with more lavender products. And watch him/her drift off into a deep sleep. Now it's your turn dearest super mom. Lay low with social media etc as it has been scientifically proven that the artificial light from cellphones, tv and laptops interfere with sleep patterns. If you must, there are currently Apps that you can download on your smartphone which tracks your sleep patterns & can give you tips on getting more shut eye! The bedroom is your sanctuary and it should be used for sleeping so toss that tv out( the no tv rule is good for relationships too). Check that your mattress is in good condition as it plays a vital role in energizing you as you sleep. If you must, read a book to enhance relaxation.Keep the room dark and within no time you will be drifting off to la la land! You will wake up refreshed and revived and ready to enjoy yet another day with your precious baby. Happy mum=happy baby!
  2. To all new moms, yes there is a ton of work to do while baby sleeps, but that is also the only time for you to nap. Delegate chores to family willing to help and get those much needed Zzzz's while baby naps. In that way you get some rest and get out of exhausted zombie mode!
  3. *Lie down, even if you can't sleep. Get off your feet, relax on the couch but stay off the phone. *Ask help for nighttime feedings. One of the best ways to get a solid stretch of sleep is to have your husband or visitor work the night shift for you. Pump, so someone else can feed the baby while you sleep. *Keep baby close. Get a bassinet that attaches to the bed so you don't have to get out of bed to feed the baby. *Be choosy about guests.There are helpful visitors (mothers-in-law that help with cooking and change diapers)Delegate chores to visitors who are willing to help *Rest or do something relaxing when the baby naps during day DON'T *Watch television or work at the computer 30 minutes before bedtime, or if you're up in the middle of the night. *Don't rely on coffee or Drink more than one cup of caffeine per day. Don't Use baby's naptime to do chores But most of all make sure you got the perfect, best bed to sleep on, be comfortable and wgen you do get to sleep, that you sleep on goid quality.
  4. Sleep when the baby sleeps...?Get a bouncy seat and a baby carrier so you can be productive when baby's up, and her naptime will be just for you❤????
  5. My advise to new Mothers, whenever the baby sleeps just make sure you also take a nap so that you also get enough rests in between and always try new things with the baby so that they don't get used to one routine and they also learn from early stage to adapt to changes.
  6. Talking from experience, I am a first time mom to a gorgeous 8month old baby boy Zackary Cole, I love him with every breath I breathe and would move heaven and earth for him, BUT being a new parent is a life changing experience in every way possible and I myself was still dealing with being sleep deprived "walking zombie" up until my little one was 6 months old and then only did I learn how to get myself to sleep when I go0t him to sleep, so my advice or tip to any new mom would be is learn how to master the art of "Sleeping when the baby sleeps" from an early stage so that you can get a few winks of sleep whilst baby is resting too.
  7. A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book. ~Irish Proverb So take that nap when baby naps, keep your bed and bedroom clean and clutter free( only have the essentials near by.) and well ventilated. If you feel stressed, take a warm shower or bath , play some relaxing music and climb back into bed to enjoy your bundle of joy!!!
  8. The most cliche of them all... sleep when your baby does! Don’t worry about everything that needs to get done. It’ll get done. Take care of yourself and sleep… when your baby sleeps. Being as well-rested as possible will benefit both you and your little one in so many ways.
  9. Make sure baby is well fed and dressed appropriately. Too warm and baby will wake. Too cold and baby will wake. I find that with my baby I tucked away watch under her bedding, the ticking replicates the sound of my heart beat. I also tuck a top of mine under her sheet so that she can smell me. My baby has been sleeping through the night from 6 months old with these two little tricks. I really don't miss my mombie nights and days lol
  10. Take a nap when baby is sleeping, REST, even if you aren't sleepy, just lay on the bed, ensure that you have a GOOD quality mattress and don't have more than one cup of coffee a day <3
  11. Catch a nap. New moms shouldn't try to be more productive during baby's nap time. A 20- to 30-minute nap will refresh you. Nursing mothers might consider pumping milk so Dad can take care of at least one nighttime feeding.
  12. the term sleep when the baby sleeps is impossible because there is so much to do like have a bath or a cup of tea. my advice is to make babys sleeping routine as easy and comfortable for you both. dont go with what the book and people say...find a rythym that works for you both and sleep will be best enjoyed.
  13. Take any help that is offered and use that time for yourself, no-one can do this all alone. Sleep any chance you are given.
  14. We have 3 kids aged 1, 5 and 10 years old, so we never get enough sleep. But our tips that work for us are: Nap with the kids during the day even if it is just for half an hour,. Also, hubby and I alternate days which we let the other one get some sleep in the morning (he works shifts so he can sleep in) The best sleep is on a sealy mattress so no matter how little you sleep, you are guaranteed to have a great sleep.
  15. This is what I've learnt as a mommy of 2 toddlers that are 10 months apart. When we are on maternity leave we are house bound for majority of the 3 or 4 months. We are in the house mainly the 'hub' area which include the lounge and kitchen as visitors are in and out wanting to meet the addition. It is important to get baby into a good sleep routine from the word go. The 'hub' is associated with sounds and lights (TV), people talking, babies play area and vast array of different smells (food that is being prepared, perfumes etc.) Baby should have late afternoon, early evening bath, once bathtime is over baby should not go back into the 'hub' environment but to the room where he / she sleeps. Dimmed lights , putting on 'white noise' or classic music - it has been proven that it also helps with baby's brain development and they associate the music with their bedroom routine. Going back into the hub after calming down with a bath with cause stimuli to keep baby awake. When baby sleeps at night mommy should get Sleep Aids, natural things you can use that will help your body calm down and get ready for sleep, a sleep mask is a good example. Getting a good mattress if you have back or hip issues. If you aren’t able to afford a nice new mattress you can get a thick pillowtop mattress that does the same thing. When baby wakes up for night time feeds don't make the contact, talk or play with baby, don't switch the night on or use a night light. These things awaken certain stimuli and making baby go back to sleep after feeds will be more difficult. These tips helped me and I have so many more to share
  16. As a mother of four which include twins, my best sleep tip will be to take the help offered by others to look after you baby and just sleep a while. You are not a bad mother if you accept help.
  17. Everybody will want to give you advice.. but as the saying goes.. mom knows best. You have to find your own rhythm and balance. Try and sleep when baby sleeps.. even though this is not always possible.. especially if you have other children, but take shifts with hubby.. and let mom and mother in law also have a bit of bonding time when they visit with their grandchild at your house and you can have a comfortable nap :-)
  18. As a mother to two beautiful children, there are few things that i have get to know when sleeping. Comfort, Space , Nurturing and being Patient. In order to welcome the third person to the bed I thought myself to be patient with my self first and let everyone be comfortable around me, open a space and be nurtured about the movement around. Due to the bed that i have these were impossible to meet as my son would always go on top of the bed and sleep on my face. this has thought us to be close to one another and learn to accomodate each other.
  19. Routine is the most important. If you do the same thing everyday at a specific time then baby knows what to expect or how to respond. This is great for breaking habits as well foe example when baby cries, instead of carrying and shushing rather leave her/him to cry in the crib. They will realize crying gets me nothing let me sleep. They will fall asleep on their own without having to be carried and swayed to sleep :)
  20. Sleep when baby sleeps. Get hubby to help out around the house.
  21. I am a mom to a 8 month old baby boy and my sleep advice to a new mom is get your partner involved as early as possible. If you are breastfeeding invest in a breastpump and pump if you get time during the day, then dad can have a turn at night to feed the baby while you get some rest in your Sealy bed. If your partner is not around, when baby sleep take a nap as well you'll do chores when you get time its not the end of the world if your house is not sparkling clean.
  22. A lullaby and gentle rocking does the trick with my babies ☺
  23. My best mom sleep tip is 1 hour before bedtime put all electronics away. Lie in bed and read a book, magazine or write.
  24. Don't be afraid to ask family or friends for help with chores - it doesn't make you look like a bad Mom!
  25. Sleep or nap when baby sleeps! As long as other humans and pets are fed and safe, everything else can wait. Accept all the help you can get and be specific about what you need. For example: a friend can cook a big meal-supper and left-overs for tomorrow's lunch-while you nap or a family member watches baby while you shower.
  26. Teach your partner so you can skip a feeding: I’ve mentioned this before and it bears repeating because I don’t see this happening enough. It’s not hard to teach your partner how to tend to your baby’s needs in the middle of the night so you can skip a feeding and sleep through it. Even moms who are exclusively breastfeeding can pump and have a bottle ready to go.
  27. When a child is given love , they sleep much better , So cuddle and make your baby as comfortable as possible....
  28. Set up a night stand dedicated to all the baby stuff you will need for the night and have everything ready like the bottles in the warmer. Have a dim light on so as not to alarm the baby. Have the cot right next to your bed and if all else fails for a peaceful sleep...pull the baby into your bed and have an awesome night of rest for both of you on a sealy!!
  29. Take a tissue and gently run over your baby's face making their eyes close. Repeat a few times until eyes stay close and baby will nod off. Then get on your bed and rest. Chores can wait, TV can wait and leave your phone alone. No stimulation. Just relax.
  30. Best advice my mom gave me was to sleep when baby sleep. The laundry and dishes are not important. Snuggle with your baby. They grow up so fast and these precious moments will just be a memory. Enjoy them
  31. Follow your babys ques. Each baby is different and needs to treated as such. Keep. the night routine quiet and calm Take help from trusted friends and family even if its for one hour just to nap. Nap when baby naps Freeze food before baby is born to get you through the bad days Know you doing well and being a parent is hard so gove yourself credit
  32. The best advice would be to sleep when baby sleeps. It is the most cliché and I'm sure so many will say this, but it's very important. You want to be well rested so that when baby is awake you can give full attention and at the same time be enjoying all the special moments with them. Time goes way too quickly! Try and stay away from electronics before you attempt to sleep and drink camomile tea (safe and healthy for baby if breastfeeding). Enjoy the rest and relaxation...everything else can wait!
  33. Bath a baby before you make him sleep. They sleep easily because they will be fresh and clean. And feed them first before bath.
  34. Let dad/Partner/Helper pinch-hit One option is to put the baby to bed at night after the 8 o’clock feeding and go to bed yourself. Your partner can use a bottle of expressed milk to feed the baby around 10. Afterward your partner can go to bed and you can get up for the 2 to 4 feeding. That way, each of you will have the opportunity to have an uninterrupted six-plus hours of sleep.
  35. Moms the best advice would be when baby sleeps u should sleep aswell but that can sometimes be difficult,so the alternative is to maybe get hubby to assist and you take turns as it should always be a partnership parenting that way u both rest and take turns.
  36. My best tip for new moms is to sleep when baby is sleeping, although its sounds impossible because there is so much to do when baby is sound asleep. Try and get a 30 minute or 1 hour powernap and then get to your duties. Its amazing how refreshed you will feel aftelr that powernap
  37. Sleep when baby sleeps and always accept help from family and friends
  38. My husband and I read the On Becoming Baby Wise books where they teach you how to sleep train your baby. It really helped us alot. We also decided from the beginning to not let our babies sleep with us. You and your husband need your own space to relax, live and sleep.
  39. Hey, mommy. Do not miss the opportunity to catch up on some much needed sleep when your little one doses off.
  40. From a first time mom to other moms ❤❤ At the age of 23,im a mother to a 7 months old girl. The best thing that worked for me during the first 3 months is "sleep when the baby sleeps" to promote rest, This was told to me by my grandmother And mommies before you put your baby to sleep make sure that you have changed the diaper and have breastfeed enough so that your baby can sleep a little longer.Have a comfortable BED too,and a baby cot if you can afford one Trust me it works °· #Sealy
  41. Aw, well I had 3 colicky babies, so know the torture of being a mombie! I guess the best advice I could offer is perhaps keeping your baby close to you so that eliminates getting out of bed every time he squeaks, especially in winter! Co sleeping esp for feeding and resting purposes does seem to help
  42. Best advice, do shifts for the night calls so you both get a few hours of sleep in at least. Dad on call until midnight, then mom until 5am or earlier ect. It does get better!!
  43. Getting the sleep you need during those first few months is vital not only for your sanity but for your safety as well But not everyone can fall asleep on a dime. "Sleep when the baby sleeps" sounds blissful in theory. In reality, taking catnaps throughout the day can be a tall order for new moms ,the best thing I could have done for myself was to sleep when baby is sleeping ofcoz I wanted to get other things done but I convinced myself this pattern is only for a few months until I establishe a routine, you want to be fully alert so sleep is important, I once was so tired I dropped surgical spirits in baby's eye while changing nappie due to being so tired and overwhelmed that costed me more sleep loss and a trip to the doctor :( It is very tempting to try and do chores, wash dishes, do laundry and clean floors when your baby is asleep. But accept that your house is dirty and messy and go to sleep because once baby is up, you have to be up too SO I STOPPED EVERYTHING AND JUST SLEPT WHEN BABY Slept, and I could feel the sense in that after doing that for a few days, I always advise new moms to do the same, it's the one piece of advise I can't emphasize enough, life will still go on whether the house is clean or not , lastly just live in that blissfully moment when u look at baby and all the sleep deprivation will be all worth it ?❤??❤????
  44. My wife and I recently had a baby girl after 8 years after my son, Both me and my wife are working class people the loss of sleep took a heavy toll I mean I didn't know if I was awake or sleeping half the time, My wife and I came up with a strategy to help both of us get ampule sleep coz believe me I was tired! We drew up a schedule alternating night watch and feeds between each other, I am a hand on dad and if a mum is lucky enough to have that I suggest to use that into your advantage, so every alternative night I would do the feeding while wife gets a full nights sleep and the next it would be her turn, she expressed before bedtime and I didn't have to wake her when it was my night, so if u look at it closely as a result my both my wife and I got full nights sleep at least 3 times a week, baby is now 7 months old and she wakes once now so the duty has become somewhat lighter but the routine has not stopped we both in a pattern now that really worked for us :) if the daddy structure is absent I would advice any close loved one take this role of dad night I'm sure anyone would be keen to night duty and feed the little bundle of joy , sleep is important for any new mum to keep sane so accept any help from family and stop putting on a brave front we all need help from time to time
  45. The Best advice my mom gave to me is that she said My child you sleep when you're baby sleeps... Leave the chores...Do not be afraid to ask for help,guidance or assistance...Get your baby into a routine... I am following that advice and it works so all Mombies this advice is proven to work so try it and you will see it works...
  46. Dear All My wife and i stopped having our perfects sleeps when we were 6months expecting our son Ethan. He kicked and seemed he was awake at night and asleep during the day. My best sleep advice would be make sure you have a comfy cosy bed,inviting cool bedroom,clean linen at all times,feeding routine for baby+mom. If you tired you just need to rest, there are always plenty willing helpful arms around to assist with new cute baby and chores. Trust me nothing will happen to the "new bundle of joy while you have a rest!!! Now if only i knew then what i know now lol our lives would have been so much easier and most importantly we would have had so much more well deserved sleep. You will be just fine. Good luck!
  47. I really wish I had the answers but I don't. To be honest, my first born only started sleeping through when she was 3, after she had her tonsils removed. We had many sick nights before that. Even my mother in law thought I was over reacting when I said my baby wakes up minimum 6 times a night. First sleepover at grandma and it was indeed confirmed. Now, my youngest, almost 3, finally started sleeping through, I am so thankful. Not sure what I did wrong, I pretty much sucked, I could never get them to self sooth and fall asleep again, I lost many hours of sleep but it was all worth it. I do have these few tips: 1. Don't be scared to ask for help. Let grandma babysit so you can recharge! 2. Read, read, read! See what works and what doesn't work. 3. Please don't do the " Cry it out method", tried it once and it was very traumatic for all of us. Won't ever try it again. 4. Make sure you get enough vitamins and nutrients. Unfortunatly with little sleep we do get sick more often. 5. Hang in there mom. You are a good mom and It does get better, I promise! Soon we will wish they were small again. <span class="cluv">Jessica Otto recently posted...<a class="09a85366d5 51211" rel="nofollow" href="">My first maternity milk bath session</a><span class="heart_tip_box"><img class="heart_tip u 51211" alt="My Profile" style="border:0" width="16" height="14" src=""/></span></span>
  48. I really wish I had the answers but I don't. To be honest, my first born only started sleeping through when she was 3, after she had her tonsils removed. We had many sick nights before that. Even my mother in law thought I was over reacting when I said my baby wakes up minimum 6 times a night. First sleepover at grandma and it was indeed confirmed. Now, my youngest, almost 3, finally started sleeping through, I am so thankful. Not sure what I did wrong, I pretty much sucked, I could never get them to self sooth and fall asleep again, I lost many hours of sleep but it was all worth it. I do have these few tips 1. Don't be scared to ask for help. Let grandma babysit so you can recharge! 2. Read, read, read! See what works and what doesn't work. 3. Please don't do the " Cry it out method", tried it once and it was very traumatic for all of us. Won't ever try it again. 4. Make sure you get enough vitamins and nutrients. Unfortunatly with little sleep we do get sick more often. 5. Hang in there mom. You are a good mom and It does get better, I promise! Soon we will wish they were small again.
  49. What really helped me was to try sleep when baby sleeps & ask Granny to baby sit for 2 or 3 hours during the day and catch up on some much needed sleep. The Grannies normally loves to baby sit.
  50. Whenever you little one is sleeping, try to take a nap as well. :-)
  51. I believe in co-sleeping! Breastfeeding a baby helps to get them to sleep and co-sleeping helps them feel safe and secure! Leaves the baby sleeping better with less time for mom to be out of the bed
  52. Dear new mom- Minimize other responsibilities, especially for the first 3 months. Learn to say ‘no’ to requests for your time other than those that are strictly necessary. Think about making a sign for your front door saying “Mother and baby asleep” – put this sign out every time your baby has a sleep if you do not want visitors! Congrats on your bundle of joy and all the best!
  53. As a mom of a 2 year old. *nap when they nap *Take care of YOURSELF -happy not stressed mommy =happy calm baby *Accept help from others -It's OK *WARM ,DRY ,FED BABY is a happy baby *Make sure the cot /bed is loose blankets etc so you don't stress the whole time.
  54. The advice I can give to new moms regarding sleep is to ensure that the baby is comfortable first, dry, in comfortable clothing and fed take care not to overfeed the baby as that is can cause discomfort and results in restlessness. A good warm bath together with a massage for mom and the baby before bed will help both of them feel relaxed and calm so gentle massage the baby during bath time and also get your partner to give you a massage as well. Have a cup of chamomile tea two hours before bedtime it helps you to feel relaxed and is good for breastfeeding moms. Ensure baby Is clean all the time. A clean baby is a happy baby and will sleep better and so will the mother.
  55. My best tip that worked for me was, go to bed when the baby sleep. This was hard to dobecause there's so much that needs to be done, it really does work to get the rest that you need.
  56. Play soothing music and make sure you sleep when the baby sleeps. The dishes and laundry can wait!
  57. My top tip would be that in order to best look after your baby, you need to look after yourself first! Make sure you are eating well, and in the evenings when baby's dad comes home take 5 or 10 mins to go have a nice long bath or shower, you will feel like 100 bucks after! Dont watch tv before bed, rather go and read a nice book, or flip through a magazine :) And go to bed early
  58. I think it's important to realise that when you become a parent, your sleeping patterns change forever! The first step is to accept this as natural and make the necessary adjustments. Accept any offers of help in those early days. Don't be too proud! Let friends and family help with the cleaning and cooking and don't feel guilty, rather use that time to nap or take a long bath. Let them watch your baby while you shower or just rest. Every little bit does help. In the evenings, start a routine whereby you calm the home and children by changing the atmosphere. No television or devices, lower the lighting, bath and dress the children early. Keep supper basic and get the children fed. Afterwards, bedtime stories or gentle rhymes create a soothing mood. Talk softly. All this signals that bedtime is approaching and everybody subconsciously prepares for it. As soon as the children are asleep. Ignore the dirty kitchen, dishes or television and jump into a shower or bath with lovely lavender oil and gorgeous soaps. Make a big mug of chamomile tea and get into bed. Read something uplifting and turn out your light. When you awake in the night to attend to children, don't resent this loss of sleep but deal quickly and quietly with the disturbance and get back to bed. Remember, sleep will come again one day! For now, make subtle changes that benefit the whole family. ???
  59. Delegate chores to visitors who are willing to help. Pump, so someone else can feed the baby while you sleep. Rest or do something relaxing when the baby naps during the day. Enlist your husband to help. ... Consider a bassinet that attaches to your bed so you don't have to get out of bed to feed the baby.
  60. I know it's difficult but really try and sleep when your baby is sleeping,forget about everything else and look after yourself,you are gonna need it and if mommy is happy baby is also happy :)
  61. The best tip for sleep with a new baby? Hmmm, I would say rest when baby is resting, nap/sleep when they do. It really does help especially in the first 3 weeks. Make sure your partner plays an active role in assisting by helping with one of the night feeds via bottle (expressed milk if trying to breastfeed more than bottle). My hubby would take the 2am feed to allow me to rest. Co sleeping can be a pure blessing too if you are willing to consider it.
  62. Place a soft pillow, just after the baby on the bed,for balance. Have enough energy to turn the baby different sides during the night. It's so much better to sleep on arched continental just to watch over the baby and it also makes it easier to breastfeed them during the night.
  63. honestly... don't look at other moms etc you're not them.. and they are not you. .. only worry about yourself and your baby.. listen to advice... consider what applies to you or think you could benefit from.. everything else toss. Sleep when baby sleeps.. trust your gut and instinct..
  64. My best advise to new moms are to sleep when baby sleeps, and offcourse to sleep on a good quality bed. I am currently pregnant with my 2nd boy and due on the 16th of May. I havent slept properly in months and cant wait for baby to arrive so that i can "sleep". Tossing and turning, thats all i've been doing...tried pregnancy pillows, you still wake up with lots of aches and pains unfortunately.
  65. Having your first baby is such an exciting , overwhelming and challenging experience....babies are all different..their eating n sleeping patterns are unique...however some generic ideas passed down from my aunt to me to help mum n baby have a restful sleep include the ffg : 1...a good quality mattress is very impt...#Sealy no doubt...body aches n pains are a result of poor quality eliminate this by making sure the mattress u n ur baby sleep on is good 2...a hot bath a a gentle massage for baby endures baby is relaxed n ready to sleep 3...babies love body warmth...they have been cocooned for obviously they seek that comfort..keep baby close to ur chest whilst putting him/her off to sleep 4...gentle music in the background helps calm baby...preferably mum humming a lullaby 5...all in all trust ur instincts...lots of advice will b offered from everyone... But in the end u wil do wat makes u n baby feel comfortable
  66. Nap when you can, even for a few minutes (the washing up can wait). And go to bed as early as possible, you will thank yourself during the 3am feed. And lastly, when all else fails, and it will at times, just have a quick shower (even if bubs must join you in their bouncy chair), have a good strong cup of tea and the world will seem doable again, even for just a while longer. Happy parenting moms and dads xxx
  67. I am a mum of twin girls, the meaning of sleep was unknown to me. As they were growing up I set a routine. It was difficult at first but it became easier after a while. They sleep through the night now, but still have a few bad days and nights. They are my biggest blessing. Whenever i take them out, people ask, how do you manage? its not a chore its about being a mum. Mums, we should enjoy them now,they grow too quickly.
  68. Best Advice is to sleep and Rest when Baby is sleeping.leave the house work aside.that can wait.being a mom is equally important to have lots of rest cos if mum is miserable so will baby.when i should bath my babies ...i should add a dash of Lavender oil in the water.somehow i felt Lavender help to relax them. As a mum u need to eat as well and take care of yourself. I love being a mom and i di it in a heartbest sgain...The cuddles n bonding time is very important cos baby n mom learn so much about each mom said if u need help just ask.she said u need few hours a week for yourself.if u feel destressed baby will be happy.and its so true ...happy smily baby makes mom mom feel super
  69. The best joy is to sleep with your baby in your arms.time goes by so quickly then they are all grown up
  70. Place a hot water bottle in baby's cot or crib when you need to feed or change them.The cot/crib will be warm and they will settle down and fall a sleep quickly. Dust doesnt fall in one day....sleep when the baby sleeps switch off your phone and get some rest!! No visitors all hours of the day...and ask them to bring cake and snacks and help tidy up after they leave. Accept help!!Allow dad to bath and burp baby even though you feel like he isnt up to it! Most of all enjoy your little one !!!
  71. When my son was a tiny tot, the sleepless nights nearly killed me. I had alot on my plate with postpartum but I did a bit of research before he was born and used to put a little of my perfume on his pillow in his cot to help him sleep without me so I could rest too. It helped for a while and then he figured it out! So I used to let him sleep on my chest. Hearing my heartbeat soothed him and then I would put him in his crib. I got the rest I needed when he slept on me as he would sleep solidly.
  72. Motherhood will change you in ways you could never have predicted. It will challenge, reward and amaze you. It will exhaust, confront and enlighten you. It will stir up emotions within you that have a new origin. And it will most certainly be the greatest accomplishment of your life.Being a new mum can be scary and challenging, take each challenge one day at a time. Embrace and enjoy every special moment, the first time experience will always be remembered and treasured. There will be days where you will not know what to do in situations when your new born baby is crying all the time and hardly sleeps, let that situation challenge you to learn new things and perfect yourself making it easier as the months go by. When baby sleeps, alternate the things you do with how much of sleep you can get while baby is asleep, make certain times of the day where you get some sleep while baby is sleeping. Ensure that you have a good bed to sleep on, you do not want to be restless or have a sore body because your bed is not good for you, the best bed to buy is a Sealy Posturepedic for a healthy sleep and healthy life Do not stress yourself more by doing house chores, learn to relax and be energised when baby wakes up. While baby is asleep you can read a book to ease your mind, listen to soothing music, watch your fav soap/movie. Also you need to take some time to go out, whether the father/a relative/nanny looks after baby, try and go outdoors, meet friends for some coffee, go jogging or for a walk, exercise, shopping or spa day, remember you need some time for yourself as well. It is tiring being a new mum and can be tough at times, do not try to do it all on your own, accept help and support whenever you can. Take as many pics as you can to remember those moments with your first child. As the time goes by a year or two later start planning for another bundle of joy, you will then be fully prepared and experienced from your first time mum experiences.
  73. I am entering this comp for my mum.. I believe that a time should always be set when children are born they become dependant on the parent so if a parent set a time for naps it should always be followed that way the children will adapt and fall asleep at a certain time and at that time you need to rest as well. My mum always no matter what if we need help with children or even ask never be too proud to ask and lastly the most important thing to have for a good nights rest is a comfortable bed. in my opinion it makes not sense to keep time to nap when you can't even fall sleep immediately on the bed.
  74. During the day, sleep with baby next to you so you can feed on demand and get rest while they sleep. At night, keep everything dark when baby wakes up for a feed, and put baby to bed immediately after feeding.they will soon learn to sleep longer at night
  75. I would love to win this bed for my mom as the best gift i could ever give her is a good Nights sleep. Being a first time dad , i didnt know what to expect especially the sleeples nights. My advise to a new mom is to not be scared or ashamed to get help , because when you try and do it all on your own , sometimes it can take a toll on your body as i have seen this first hand with my wife. Getting help does not mean you are a bad mom
  76. Invest in a good mattress like Sealy's and you'll never go wrong. Don't turn down help from the others, use that time to rest in your Sealy bed and don't feel guilty about leaving your baby in other people's care they have the best interests at heart and will take good care of your little one. Now go spoil your yourself, the bed is waiting #SealyGivesGoodRest

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