Win a Sealy worth R5999!

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It's a beautiful morning, it's a beautiful day and what could put an even bouncier spring in your step this season? How about a brand spanking new Sealy base and mattress worth R5999?

To enter, all you have to do is answer this question in the comments section:
How old is your current mattress?

Entries close on the 20th October 2016 and the winner will be announced right here.

*Valid for SA Residents only. T&C’s apply.

Good Luck!

Congratulations to Sagren, winner of our Sealy blog competition! After 11 years with the same bed, we hope you love your new Sealy, Sagren!

Congratulations to Sagren, winner of our Sealy blog competition! After 11 years with the same bed, we hope you love your new Sealy, Sagren!

204 Responses

  1. I've had mine for six years now.
  2. My current mattress is about 15 years old... due for new one
  3. My bed is 6 years old
  4. Probably 15 years old. Definitely time for a new one and a new everything. </3
  5. My husband had this bed of ours way before we got married (married for 5yrs now) and it seems to be reaching its end now at over 15yrs old the springs are starting to go and sleeping is not so comfy anymore.
  6. 4 Years.
  7. It was bought second hand 4 years ago, the way it looks probably more than 10 years :(
  8. its just over 5 years time i get a new one my lil one who is 7 months old now was also born on this very mattress
  9. I bought my bed 6 years ago when I didn't have kids. After having 2 kids in the last 4 years my bed looks and feel like it's been through war. It's uncomfortable and looks so messy as I didn't think I needed a mattress protector. It's really embarrassing. I really need a new.
  10. 7 years
  11. 10yrs
  12. Current bed is almost 11 years old! Really need to replace it now - long overdue! There just always seems to be something more important to spend the money on when you have kids. But my back is not in agreement!
  13. 20 years old
  14. One year old....Durapedic
  15. My mattress is 8 years old and full of humps and bumps?
  16. 5 years old
  17. More than 13 years , spring is popping would love to win
  18. My bed is 12 years old :(
  19. 18 months
  20. 10 years old
  21. 5 years
  23. My mattress is 8 years old
  24. My current mattress is 5 years old. Would love to spend the next 5 or 10 on a Sealy...
  25. I have my mattress for 12 years.
  26. 8 years
  27. 22 years I really need a new bed
  28. got our second hand and have had for 3 years so possibly over 10 years old
  29. 7 years old
  30. 20 years old
  31. Mine is 9 years old
  32. My current mattress is 15 years old. It's been to 2 countries and been on transit between 2 cities in SA. It's served me well and can tell you about its adverures if it could. I think it's time to bid farewell and welcome a new Sealy into my life. So please wave that magical wand won't you?
  33. My sealy matress is 6 years old.
  34. 8 years
  35. 9 years old
  36. I Have My Mattress is 19 years old and think it's now time for a new one to sleep better
  37. I have a queen size Sealy Posturpedic which is about 12 years old. It is the best bed I've ever slept on. Nothing in the world compares to a complete night's rest on my Sealy Posturpedic. By far the best sleep in the world! !
  38. 10 painful years
  39. 5years old
  40. 15 plus years
  41. My Sealy Posturepedic was bought in 1994, thus 22 years old. Given I am chronically ill and as a result spend a lot more hours than average in bed, the mattress has seen more than its fair fair of use. I have turned it every which way and slept on both sides in pursuit of comfort, but alas this has become a quest destined to fail sooner than later. The sheer enormity of medical bills over the years have resulted in cutbacks in all aspects of life, the bed is no exception. That said, 22 years of above average usage is an impressive testament to the Sealy brand.
  42. 10 sad years, sealy please give my life back
  43. My mattress is 15 years old this year. Bought with my first salary at my first job. It's time for a new one right?
  44. 10 years
  45. MIne is 9 year old.
  46. Our matress is 10 years old now :D It desperately needs to be replaced.
  47. I have mine now for 33 years
  48. Mine is over 20 years - luckily it is a Sealy, which is why it has lasted so long, but I definitely am in desperate need of a new one!!!
  49. 15 years old
  50. 5years
  51. Mine is 11 yrs old .n the springs are felt n hurt our bacls
  52. My bed is 12 years OLD
  53. My bed is currently 25 years old, it was passed down to me by my parents when they bought a new one.
  54. was actual counting things in my house that are older that my daughter and als noticed that my bed a year older than her, it is 11 years this year.
  55. My mattress is 7 years old
  56. My bed is about 5 years its so uncomfortable that I have dents on my thighs it was suppose to be a feather kiss bed paid like R5000 for it
  57. We've had our terrible matress for 4 years
  58. Mine is about 8 years old, suffering with back ache because of how old it is!!!
  59. I calculated and calculated again, but it remained the same unlucky number ... yes, mine is 13 years old! *blush*
  60. 10 years of my life using same doesn't feel comfortable anymore,my back is always sore every morning, I sometimes sleeps on the couch because I can't handle the pain anymore
  61. 15 years
  62. my sealy grandeur is 12 years old
  63. Our mattress is 9 years old since kids have come there is never money to spoil ourselves. Every extra cent goes on kids. I would love to own a new sealy bed set. ❤
  64. Probably a good 10 years, time for a new one now-Old one is also a Sealy-good beds.
  65. Wow!!!!! Stunning prize, I have had my bed about 10 years now?
  66. Mine is 11 years and 3 months to be exact
  67. My bed is 10 and a half years old
  68. The bed i am sleeping on is a borrowed bed and is sunken in on the middle. Really in desperate need of a new bed please. Thank you
  69. 10 years old and been through 3 kids
  70. My mattress was bought in 1999 .....17 years. I think it's time to go pension.
  71. My current matters and base I over 7years old,a no name brand,my eldest son has jumped and jumped on that bed so much,it's squeaks even if one touches it,so you can only imagine what a loud noise it makes when you lay down or move around on it...?? desperately NEED a new bed!!
  72. We have a E###O mattress. We have only had it for 7Yrs. After 2yrs it already was sagging on the one side because we are heavy in weight. At the moment it is killing my 71yr old Hubby's back. Please help me to make him more comfortable, Sealy ? ???????
  73. 8yrs old
  74. 6 years old in December ... Hoping to be the lucky winner ... My mattress is sinking and gives me restless nights ... hoping to be the lucky winner
  75. 5 yEARS OLD
  76. My current mattress is 8 years old.
  77. 6 months
  78. I have my mattress for 6 years now.
  79. My mattress is 16 years old but has had its days. My son & I shared this bed from the time he was born until 3 ,years ago when he got his own room
  80. My mattress is 9 years old
  81. 5 years
  82. Our bed, which we share with our three year old twins, is now 10 years old.
  83. My mattress is about 12 years old!! :(
  84. 12 years old, if not older.
  85. My mattress is pretty old, my parents were kind enough to buy it for me 9 years ago
  86. 3 years after sleeping on the same one for 15 years
  87. I have mine for 10 years ! Winning this awesome Sealy would be a dream come true !
  88. 0 years, I don`t have one
  89. Too old!!!!! Got it from family members when we (hubby and I first moved out together) that was 13years ago.
  90. Ours is 9 years old.
  91. +-10 YEARS OLD :-(
  92. 10 years old
  93. I have had my bed for 12 years and I am now due for a new one....Holding thumbs.
  94. I was fortunate to have been bought a new bed by my son for Mothers Day this year, as he says it was important that my 'old body' gets as much quality rest as possible. As blessed as I am by the gift, its is especially more meaningful as he himself is in desperate need of a new bed yet put my comfort above his own. He has been very sick for many years without remission; having exhausted every treatment option available, he has recently been informed that there is nothing else that can be done for him. His mattress must be at least two decades old (bought with his first full paycheck), and surely fails to provide him with the comfort his already painful body requires. He deserves better, but unselfishly (and stubbornly) will always put others above himself. It would be incredible to return the favour of a new quality bed. #SealySA
  95. I bought it in January 2009, so it it just over 7 years now.
  96. i bought my first bed in 2004, 12 years now and boy oh boy my back is suffering big time. Would love to wake up with a spring in my step, hoping to win a new Sealy base and mattress, currently only sleeping on the mattress as the base got damaged while moving
  97. I've been married for 15 yrs and I have my bed for 15yrs as well. Its lumpy, bumpy and a whole lotta other things. I wake up tired and go to bed tired.... I'm just tired of being tired I need a new Sealy in my life!!!!!!
  98. My current matters and base I over 2years old,a no name brand,it's springs squeak when you lay down or move around on it...?? desperately NEED a new bed!! PLEASE
  99. Have my sealy for almost three years but am so unhappy with the euro top its not comfy at all. Very stiff and causes me alot of back ach. Tried to return it within the week of buyn it but unfortunatly could not. Now sadly im stuck with it and not financially at a place to buy a new one.
  100. My mattress n bed is 17 years old.
  101. I had it for 8 years.
  102. About 25 or more years
  103. 10 years
  104. My mattress is currently 34yrs old, having sleepless nights because my mattress is so old the springs hurt, it makes noises as I turn over. My days are tiring because I do not have a good nights sleep. Good quality beds like Sealy are so expensive, if only I could afford one it will be a dream come true.
  105. 9 years, 9 months and 15 days!!
  106. Mine is 12yrs. Whew ...could do with a new bed.
  107. 8 years old
  108. Our mattress is 10 years old - sunken in with spring popping out :-( <span class="cluv">Alvina Pillay recently posted...<a class="2fb467d619 50960" rel="nofollow" href="">Win a Sealy worth R5999!</a><span class="heart_tip_box"><img class="heart_tip u 50960" alt="My Profile" style="border:0" width="16" height="14" src=""/></span></span>
  109. My mattress is 6 years old
  110. We've had our mattress for 5 years now and it was a handmedown one. It was a beautiful king size bed and i would love to replace it at this stage as it's old and knobby and just awful now.
  111. Our Sealy mattress is 16 years old, and my husband is biggg
  112. My bed is as old as the dinosaurs...seriously need a sealy update ...Need that comforting luxurious great sleep I crave constantly
  113. Mine is 17 years..had it since we go married 17 years ago!
  114. About 40 years old
  115. My bed is 7 years old.
  116. 25 years
  117. My Mattress is 6 years old
  118. 10 years and am really in need of a new Seally mattress!
  119. I am married for 23 years and that's how old my mattress is.... (i know)
  120. I Would love to win this bed for my parents.. Their bed is definitely about 15 yrs old and they need a new one.. They are old and suffer with a lot of pain.. I really wish I could win this for them as they do so much for me..
  121. My current mattress is about ten years old
  122. I got my new bed about 2 years ago then handed my old one onto my daughter and that one is about plus minus 12 years old
  123. Mine is 4 years old, it's meant to be a memory foam mattress however it seems that my bed has developed amnesia - so uncomfy.
  124. Our mattress is 10 years old and we seriously need a new one
  125. 5years
  126. 14 years this past winter
  127. About 8 years now
  128. My current bed is 14 years old.
  129. My mattress is 14 years old it was a gift from a friend because I was not working and I was sleeping on a sponge, complaining about my back always
  130. 12 years
  131. 2.5 years
  132. 11 years. It was purchased on recommendation by an orthopaedic surgeon after my spinal fusion.
  133. It's 6 Years Old, wishing for a better friend
  134. 10 years
  135. not sure I've had the bed 10 years and it was second hand when I bought it
  136. Our mattress is about 13 years old it was my bed while I lived at home with my parents and I moved with it when we got married and moved into our own home! Would love a new sealy bed!!!!!
  137. My mattress is 17yrs old and killing my back. I need a new one
  138. Ek het my metras nou n jaar, en ek staan elke dag op met lae rug pyn het al 1 keur my metras laat om ruil en nog steets voel dit of springs teen my druk as ek op my sy le
  139. My parents bought my mattress for me 10 years when I still lived at home. It has been on my to do list for quite some time to get a new one. Please help me cross it off Sealy.
  140. 15 years old I would love to replace my Mattress unfortunately I am a widow and am unemployed. It has been sentimental as my hubby had bought this for us sadly he is in heaven. It's time I replaced it so I can have comfortable nights of sleep with treasures memories of my angel in heaven. Thank you for this opportunity it will be a wish come true.
  141. 15 years old I share this bed with mom ever since dad passed on , it's old and mom suffers with back pain she is ageing, sadly we can't afford to replace it as mom is not employed and I am a student. I will be so grateful to win more especially for my mum who has beeen through so much and needs a quality comfortable bed to rest. Thank you.
  142. My current Sealy is about 16 years old. Still giving a good night's rest but surely due for a new one now.
  143. my mattress is over 17yrs old .,.too busy thinking of everything else that needs fixing and I kept forgetting that my bed needs an upgrade!
  144. My bed is about 7 years old now
  145. 11 years old and counting. ?
  146. 13 yrs old
  147. My husband and I have been sleeping on the same mattress for 20 years!
  149. Our current bed is 12 years old!!
  150. About 12 years ;(
  151. 4 years old ?
  152. 12.7 years
  153. 17 years
  154. AJ
    21 years or longer i think
  155. Mine is a hand-me-down single bed mattress... I got it from my uncle 18 years ago..... I believe it about 27 years old now...
  156. My bed mattress is 9years now #Win
  157. My Sealy is 35 years old and need to go on pension. Sealy Imperial de Luxe (I think) label is missing after moving to George. Best mattress ever.
  158. I would love to win this for my Daughter Tamara as her bed is nearly as old as she is, 36 years!!!! She desperately needs a new bed!!!
  159. Mine was passed from generation to genaration, im not sure how old it is but my aunt passed it to me and she not alive anymore, she had birth on tht bed of all her 3 children nd her children used it nd thier married now, its proberbly more than 30 years bt stil today im using it too nd im 30 years old ... Seally its an original, tough, legit and realible bed for so many previlleged and wealthy families forever
  160. I have had my bed for thirteen (13) years now it was given to me when my uncle & his wife died quite a story but true would like to replace it also because it doesn't smell quite good anymore.
  161. My Sealy is about 15 years old
  162. I have 3 sealy mattress, 15 yrs old, 6 yrs old and 2 weeks old
  163. I have had my one and only Edblo bed since the birthday of my daughter - This year 04 December is will mark 13 Years :-( I would loooove to win this bed...Pleeeeeeease would looove to have a #HealthySleep #HealthyLife with #SealyPosturepedic
  164. 16 YEARS !
  165. 2nd hand so not sure how old it is but definitely time for a new one
  166. Sjoe. My mattress is about 10 years old. Would love to win this
  167. The mattress is warped already, and guess what. its only about 1 year old.
  168. Mine is 4 years old
  169. My mattress turned 8 last month :) #Sealy
  170. Mine have more than 15yrs cause it is a secondhand & I have it for 15yrs.
  171. 7 years
  172. Over 26 years....and I really need a new one.
  173. My bed is like a slice of pizza...thin & with lots of bumps...very old !
  174. Mine is 7 years old
  175. Ours is about 9 years
  176. 9 years this November
  177. Ritesh Rugnundan
    6 years
  178. Ashnee Rugnundan
    9 years
  179. 5 years old
  180. My bed is 13 years now after I bought it as a second hand. I'm using some old blankets to protect myself from the springs.
  181. I have my bed for 12 years turn it almost every week
  182. Our bed is 10 years old!It is starting to sag and yesterday i noted a tear in the mattress.At the moment there's no money for a new one as we had bad lightning last year and our alarm was struck.It is our first priority at the moment!!! My poor back suffers the most
  183. Over 20 years
  184. 5 years old
  185. 15 years old going on 16
  186. My Sealy is 5years old and it's due for a new one seeing im getting married and my old one just wont do.
  187. 9 years now
  188. I am 25 years old the mattress I have is older then me it is now 29 years old because it was passed on to me. I been sleeping on that mattress since I was small already.
  189. Honestly we had it 10 years ago, it's our wedding gift, how I'm wishing to win one! Coz it seems that it's retiring now. I believe that after 8 years that bed must be replace with the new one.
  190. My bed is 7 years old
  191. my bed is almost 16 years old, i even called it an antic,my first born now is 18,he was sleeping in that bed when he was still a baby,i guess its time to get a new one
  192. About 18 years old , Matress is now almost disappeared into the base , No sleep , and a lot of sleeping on my couch , Really time for a new one I think
  193. I dont know how old my bed is as it is a hand me down from my pàrents. But I've had it for 4 years now.
  194. 4 years old

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