Winter Cold Concoctions

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The sniffles season is here! Though I hate the getting ill part and trying to nurse a cold I do love getting new natural remedy recipes for colds and fevers. Of course, I am yet to find a remedy that works as well as a long rest on my Sealy bed. Today I have decided to share my favourite winter cold concoctions with you my friends.

Most of these I got from my mother and my band of sisters and some I have picked up along the way.

During my travels to Asia (where I acquired my taste for green tea) one of the medicine men I met told me that he hadn't had a cold since he was a young boy, that because he has been drinking at least four cups of green tea a day it has helped him. Even this study proves that a specific combination of green tea will decrease your chances of getting cold symptoms.

My best remedy (from my childhood) has to be chicken soup. We have livestock at home so if my cousins and I got cold symptoms my grandmother would choose a chicken and make us a pot of soup. Mine always had the feet in it because they were my favourite. It was warm and she always put in some chilli peppers. It helps with congestion.

I'm a believer in eating your way to health, which is why I become the Vitamin C general when cold and flu season rolls by.  Citrus fruit, berries, spinach and its leafy cousins all become the order of the day.

Breathe steam. I can be found with a towel over my head breathing from a tub of hot water because I love the feeling I get. It clears the airways and congestion and I am able to breathe better.

This recipe for cough syrup found here sounds like something I would really like to try. What do you think?

 "Slowly boil a lemon with its skin on for about 8 minutes. Cut the lemon in two parts and squeeze the juice with the use of a squeezer. Add the lemon juice to a glass. Mix in two tablespoonfuls of glycerin, (purchase glycerin at your local drug store or health food store.). Stir lemon juice and glycerin together. Add 1 tablespoonful of honey. This cough syrup will real ease a sore throat."

What are your favourite and trusted home remedies for colds?

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