Winter Sleep Tips for my Single Ladies

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Gatsby traditional bedroom

Most of my friends are quick to tell me that one of the best things about being in a relationship is that you have a constant heat source during cold nights. That though even if  your partner isn't  much of a snuggler their proximity is great for warmth and if you are with someone who loves spooning you are sorted for the winter. I'm not much of a snuggler, nor do I have a partner. So if you, like me, aren't up to kissing frogs for the promise of a warmer winter bed, read on for tips on how to winter-proof your space.

1. Get a hot water bottle:

I think I have had hot water bottler since I was about 14, not only does it keep me warm it also eases my cramping. It's better than an electric blanket for me because you can apply it where you need it; one night I'm holding it snug, the next it's at my feet. I supposes I am a snuggler, if only to my hot water bottle.

2. Bubble baths:

I love taking long  baths. In winter I have the best excuse to bath as often as I can instead of showering. In the evening before going into bed I take a short bath to relax my muscles and mind as well as warm myself up. According to this article both hot baths and showers can help to produce serotonin, the all important sleep chemical.

3. Dress for success

I can't sleep with anything long-sleeved on. I am guaranteed to wake up in the middle of the night to look for something to change into, which is why all of my sleepwear is short-sleeved. I need thick socks though. Try to do what works for you and get comfortable.

4. Decor

Our friends over at The Furnishing Touch have great tips about making your decor warm. They advise you change the texture of your bedding (out with silk in with knits), splash some colour and make your lighting glow.

5. Bundle with care

Have you been guilty of wrapping yourself up in so many  blankets that you can't fall asleep because you're either overheating or they are too heavy for you? Me too. When the chill starts, add one blanket and see how that works. If you still feel cold, add another.

Don't feel compelled to stick to the count, nights will be different -- there'll be nights where you need more and others where you need less.

All of this and my Sealy bed make for great winter sleep.

Happy winter!

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