Winter Warmth and Love for my Other Babies

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All I know about my other three babies (Bo, CeCe and Lola) is that I love them and they can make me feel better quicker than even hubby can sometimes. They are all mixed breeds we found at shelters. Bo has been with us the longest. He came to stay with us when my youngest was six months old, that's about eight years ago. When we got Bo I had two babies to shop for and the habit has been with me ever since.

When winter was on its way I got that old and familiar excitement that I'd be going shopping for my babies again. And every trip starts with a long perusal of Wag World accompanied with the same kind of drool that I usually reserve for the Chanel lookbooks and Martha's recipes.


My Bo absolutely hates jackets and coats, he has a macho dog complex going on and I think he feels that coats take away from that. He only has one  coat and the last time he wore it it still fit him. This narrows down my shopping options for him to exclude all forms of clothing. He's an active pooch so I bought him a frisbee to give him something to look forward to for the summer, but I think he was too busy playing with his brand new squeaky toy to notice.

When he was playing at the foot of our bed with his new toys for the first night hubby assured me that Bo had no idea that his toy was nothing like the Wag one above.


My Lola is a tomboy and I think she tore through her last two blankies in record time because they were pink. Though I convinced hubby that she just wanted designer ones that would warm her up and make her look good if her friends came over. Something like this:

Something that would have a designer label and be any colour but pink. Young Mister reminded me that dogs aren't as colour sensitive as we are. But she gets cold in winter so I tried again this year and bought her a different colour. She's been slower in destroying it.

CeCe is my girly girl. She loves her pink blankies and wears all her coats (she only has 6) with pride. She's also the only one whose personality (and getups) suit these buttons I managed to buy for them:

All images found on Wag World.


Excuse me while I cuddle my none-pure breed pups in their none-designer clothes and feel all that pure love.

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