Women are Amazing

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Dove's 'real women' campaign

My initial thought for a title to this post was "women are a great kaleidoscope of --  in the words of my children -- awesomeness." August is Women's month in South Africa and on Thursday it's going to be Women's day; a public holiday commemorating the march by over 20, 000 women to the Union buildings in Pretoria so serve then Prime Minister J Stridjom with a petition against the Act that required black, coloured and Indian South Africans to carry a "pass." They had with them over 100, 000 signatures.

I know great women, two of whom I have spoken about on this blog before. They are two of many women who keep me strong, who make me laugh and want to keep going. Not living only to please myself but also to raise a sound and responsible family. To be a great friend and source of comfort and inspiration to my community at large.

Not all women have the same strength and we also can't all contribute to society in the same way. I have come, over the years, to appreciate different women from different walks of life for the different great things they have to offer. Like one of my first early teachers for her tenderness and love. She's one of the first people (along with ma Zane) to teach me sharing and friendship and the greatness of a simple smile. She wasn't a beautiful or glamourous woman like my mother is.

My best friend, whom I met at university was very pro women's rights. Some have gone to call her feminist. And what she taught me is to let my children (both sons and daughter) to be themselves, equally.

As a result of knowing all these women I have been very aware of the importance of education. I've gone on to create economic opportunities, however small, for men and women. I cook and I dance. I mother and I discipline.

Something that the world still needs to learn is that women are many diverse things. We work, and we care about important and deep issues. We take interest in the seemingly frivolous without shame; see the world on our terms and after all that we come home to mother, to give and receive love and if the world should bring us down or build us up we take comfort in our beds.

To all the wonderful women I know and those I don't, happy Women's Day for Thursday. Love yourselves and each other because I certainly do love you.

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