World Baking Day

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I remember the exact day I first tasted a biscuit I'd made myself. I must have been four years old and going through that "where do things come from" curiosity stage of life. I asked about the origin of babies, clouds, the pretty flowers in the garden outside my window until finally when it hi me that I didn't know where my favourite cupcakes came from. I dumped my mud pies, which I for a fact came from soil and questionable water, and sprinted through the back garden into my grandmother's house. I awaited a tale as fantastic as that of babies or fascinating as that of a seed turning into a beautiful flower but what I got was even better...

Granny and I made a batch of cupcakes, which we iced with the sweetest yellow frosting and I made my first attempt at an edible flower. The recipe book from which we read our instructions; the one I would one day scribble my gran's "just go with your gut" mantra is at the centre of my cookbook collection.

I'm sharing this bit of my history with you because I've just learnt that there's an event called World Backing Day, which is this coming Sunday. The challenge set to baking enthusiasts is  to #BakeBrave! We're all being asked to step out of our comfort zones by baking something new -- something different.

100 bakers from around the world have submitted 100 recipes for the baking-loving public to choose from. Join other baking lovers from around the world and challenge yourself on the 19th of May. Keep an eye on the I Love Baking SA page and the #BakeBrave thread on twitter.

I don't know about you but I'm very excited about this year's World Baking Day.

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